These 4 Nutrients are Key for My 7 Children

Cooking for my entire family is sometimes a chore, but in most situations I’m glad to do it. Trying to get everyone fed on a budget can be challenging, but the more challenging thing is to make sure they all have the adequate nutrition that they need in order to remain healthy. Every one of my children will hopefully live longer than I do, but for that to happen I must make sure they are properly nourished.

With the following 4 nutrients, I can make sure that my 7 children are not only fully fed, but also filled with the right nutrition they need for long term health. As you will see in this article, the nutrition side can get pretty interesting!

#1. Choline – eggs are a staple at my home because they are full of protein, healthy fats, and (most importantly) choline. The choline in the eggs acts as a way for my children to get a brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is important for creating memories and helping them to learn. As I raise them, their education is of high importance and that’s why choline is so important.

For myself, eggs are great, but often I need even more. I go to the citicoline supplement for my choline because I’m an adult. I wouldn’t give my children any of this until they are older, but for me it is a great (and cheap!) work around.

#2. Creatine – surprise! Even though most stereotypes about creatine revolve around bodybuilders or strong men, the truth is, this nutrient is vital for mental health. The creatine molecule is found in all meat products, which is one reason we choose to get some meat in our diet as often as possible.

This doesn’t mean I am using a creatine supplement to help my children get the right nutrition! Instead, I’m more focused on getting them the creatine through meat products that are grass fed and pasture raised.

#3. Fish oil – the DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids are the most important thing for a developing brain. I always ensure to give as many fish dishes as I can to my children. This includes things like sardines (yum!) and baked salmon.

You would be surprised how affordable it is to cook with plenty of fish if you mix in canned foods like sardines (which are still safe and healthy).

#4. Vitamin C – children are notoriously susceptible to disease when they are young. Spreading disease around amongst my children is always a trainwreck in my household, but we make sure they all get the right amount of vitamin C every day. Instead of using orange juice, our children spend a lot of time eating sweet potatoes, which have more vitamin C than you think!

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