Post Surgery Nutrition Tips For Breast Implant Patients

After going under the knife, your body will have special nutritional needs to recover from the trauma of the surgery.  Your body will need fuel to fight off any infections, repair your damaged cells, and heal any incision sites present.  

The foods you put into your body will have a strong impact on the quality of your recovery.  Treat your body right for the best results. Here is a brief look at some post surgery nutrition tips for those who have just undergone breast implant surgery.  

Some things you can do pre-op 

A couple of weeks before you go in for your breast implant surgery, there are a few things you can do to prepare your body for the shock.  If you’re doing a prepectoral implant surgery, your recovery process will be a bit more difficult.  

Two weeks before you are scheduled for surgery, you need to abstain from taking aspirin, herbal meds, diet pills, and anything else which may interfere with your blood’s ability to properly clot.  A few days before your surgery, you should refrain from drinking any alcohol for the same purpose.  

Do make sure you continue taking a regular multivitamin, and add an extra dose of Vitamin C two weeks before you go in for your augmentation.  Set your body up to heal with ease by treating it with care before your surgery.  

Supplements that promote healing after surgery

You can add supplements to your diet before your surgery to promote healing in the body.  Protein powder and amino acids will help to promote tissue regeneration and help your body heal faster.  

Taking fish oil supplements or eating foods rich in omega-3s will also be conducive to healing.  Get plenty of sleep. Follow a strict health regimen, and you’ll be up and at ‘em in no time.  

Fresh fruits and veggies

Fresh fruits and leafy green veggies provide your body with vital vitamins and minerals.  You want your body to have no trouble performing its autonomic duties, and a healthy installment of fruits and veggies will get you heading in the right direction.  

Try to stay away from caffeine

You should stay away from caffeine for at least a couple of weeks after your breast augmentation surgery.  Excessive caffeine intake can cause your body to dehydrate.  

Dehydration will cause you to heal slower.  Drinking too much caffeine can also result in constipation, and the combination of dehydration and pain meds is a perfect formula for trouble.  

Drink plenty of water post-op

Drink water to avoid dehydration once you are in recovery.  Even if you aren’t going under the knife, your body needs water daily to continue functioning.  Drink lots of water post-op to avoid trouble with constipation and slowed healing.

Salivate On These Excellent Dinner Options for You to Consume

Dinner is the most important meal of the day closely followed by breakfast. Therefore choosing a meal that you will enjoy might be just what you need. Join me as we sample and try new recipes that make finger-licking dinner foods.

  • The traditional pepperoni stew

In the west, many serve this simple dinner of rice and pepperoni religiously in their homes. The pepperoni colored rice and veggies put dinners in keen anticipation of the meal even before it gets to the table. Dinners seem to get impatient to wait for the dish due to its culinary preparation. Nevertheless, in the end, their patience pays off once they have the first spoon bite of pepperoni in rice delicacy. 

The extraordinary cuisine leaves you salivating during the whole preparation time due to its aroma emitted from the kitchen. Thanks to pepperoni-spiced meat chunks, diced in chopped carrots with a gush of oil in rice leave you overeating without your knowledge.

You can decide to spice it more by adding chopped zucchini and tomato puree for the stew. Right before the end adding a few drops of soy sauce and sprinkles of black pepper is enough to put your taste buds to test. Try this ancient dinner dish today and enjoy out of the world tantalizing taste it has to offer.

  • Italian lasagna

Nothing beats stuffed Italian Lasagna when it comes to taste. The relationship of Lasagna lovers to the dish is identical to a worn-in favorite sweater that you never want to take-off. 

Crammed up layers of crammed lasagna pasta, spiced meatballs, and boiled eggs, sausages and mozzarella cheese closely held together leave you addicted to this dish.

To have the best lasagna results, the trick lies in the noodle and lasagna layering over spiced tomato puree with melted mozzarella cheese. Adding lasagna sheets at a time prevents them from sticking together, a vice that results in a terrible lasagna dish.

Take care when preparing the dish because any slight deviations in the recipe will definitely produce a mutated lasagna dish. To have the ideal Italian lasagna, I am afraid following all the necessary steps from preparation to baking is vital.

After doing all the preparations, it needs to bake for about half an hour and then let it sit for another quarter-hour. The resting part is to allow the cooling process to occur which helps a lot in bringing out tastes of individual spices. This means it tastes better too after the 15 minutes resting period.

  • Crispy onion rings

Are you aware that just a kilo of red onions can make a tasty and crunchy snack for you? I bet you have no idea that a kilo of red onions and a quarter kilo of flour batter of dissolved in milk, an egg, and white wine mixture makes delicious onions rings.

You only need to slice the onions in circle shapes, and then coat them with the salted pepper mixture. After that just dip them in hot oil until crunchy and golden brown.

These wonderful food recipes have the power to melt your heart and mesmerize your loved ones anytime. Try them today to enjoy a heavenly and sweet taste.

How to Avoid Food Sticking To Your Precious Cookware

Every home has non-stick cookware. Such pans prevent food particles from sticking to the surface of the pans and this way, cleaning them afterward is easy. You can cook your eggs, fish and other delicate proteins on your pots and pans and they will not stick to the surface to leave a gross mess.

The problem with such cookware is that you cannot use them over high heat. The non-stick surface gets damaged when it is exposed to high heat and this limits the use of such pans in your kitchen. You cannot brown your meats properly with these pans since you need high heat to achieve this.

You will need stainless steel cookware to give your meals crisp brown edges but the thing with these pans is that your meals can stick to the surface when they are not used properly. To help you in this regard, I’ve have created this article that will help you prevent food particles from sticking to your precious cookware.

Why food particles to stick to the surface of your cookware?

Food sticks to the surface of cookware when the food particles react with the surface of the cookware in a chemical bond. Protein-rich foods like eggs and fish are highly prone to sticking to the surface of cookware because the protein atoms in the food react with metal elements like iron in the cookware to form complex compounds. The chemical bonding process is facilitated by the heat supplied by the stove that one uses when cooking.

How to prevent food particles from sticking to the cookware

To prevent this chemical bond from forming, you need to provide some lubrication that will act as a barrier between the food particles and the surface of the cookware. The lubrication could be oil or butter that will prevent the meal that you are preparing from coming into contact with the heated metal surface and forming a chemical bond.

The chances of these chemical bonds forming are also greatly reduced when you get quality cookware for your kitchen. Top quality cookware are seasoned effectively and this way, they possess the needed lubrication that ensures that a barrier exists between the food and the cookware surface so as to prevent food sticking.

You may think that the right cookware is expensive but that is not the case. Top quality pots and pans are super affordable and once you get yourself a set, you are sorted for life. Other than buying the right cookware, here are other things you can do to prevent food particles from sticking to your precious cookware when cooking.

1. Season the cookware regularly

Metallic pans like stainless steel don’t have a non-stick coating attached to them. Low-fat proteins like lean fish and meat can, therefore, stick to the surface when they are cooked on such pans but with proper seasoning, you will be able to prevent this from happening.

Cookware seasoning involves treating your pans with oil so as to create add a protective layer to the cookware that will prevent food particles from sticking to the surface.

To do this, rub some vegetable oil to the surface of your cookware and heat them over a burner for 2 minutes. Place the seasoned pan in an oven at 300°F for effective treatment. Let the cookware to cool before wiping off any excess oils on the surface.

2. Use a clean pan

To prevent food particles from sticking to your cookware, you need to make sure that your pots and pans are cleaned when you use them. This is because the old food particles on a dirty pan serve as contact surfaces for food particles to stick on. With a clean pan, you have an even cooking surface to work on and this will ensure that the food that you are preparing doesn’t stick to the surface.

3. Dry your food

When cooking your meals especially meat, you should make sure that they are dry before you drop them into the pan. This is because when you place wet meat on a pan, the heat will evaporate the moisture on the surface rather than cooking and browning the meat.

When the moisture evaporates, the dry meat will come into contact with the heated surface and this will result in food sticking to the surface.

Instead, you should cook your meat when it is dry so as to hasten the breakdown of the proteins so as to prevent it from forming a chemical bond with the metal surface. Doing this will brown and sear the meat which goes a long way to make the meat more flavorful.

4. Heat the oil before cooking

Oil provides the lubrication that will prevent food from sticking to the surface but you need to make sure that the oil is hot before you start cooking. To do this, heat the pan first and then add the oil or butter. The heated pan will make sure that the oil gets to every part of the cookware and this will prevent food particles from sticking to the surface of the pan. The heated pan will also spread the oil out to make it thin and this way, you will use very little oil when cooking your meals which is very healthy.

Final Word

Non-stick cookware are great for your kitchen but they are limited in application. You cannot use them to brown your meat and onions and this is where metallic cookware like stainless steel pots and pans come in. The problem with such cookware is that they are prone to food sticking to the surface but with the tips highlighted above, you will be able to cook your favorite meals without food particles sticking to the surface.

Everything You Need to Know About Wood Fireplaces

While refurbishing or purchasing a home, most homeowners contemplate either adding or renovating an indoor fireplace. In recent times, the choices have abundantly increased for homeowners. Wood, gas, and electric fireplaces are some of the most popular choices among homeowners. However, nothing beats the charm of the traditional wood-burning fireplaces. These indoor fireplaces do not only make rooms feel snug and warm but also change the entire feel and look of a room.

This comprehensive and concise guide discusses everything you must know before buying a wood fireplace.

There Are Different Options to Choose From

If you are a romantic with your heart still stuck in the Victorian era, the traditional open hearth fireplaces are the right choice for you. These fireplaces are made from either stone or brick. One can hear the crackling of wood and roaring of fire while standing close to these fireplaces. However, the open hearth fireplaces are relatively ineffective in large areas. Moreover, their construction requires disrupting an entire wall. If that sounds too much trouble, consider installing fireplace inserts. An insert is a fireproof box that is placed into an existing fireplace. Typically made from cast iron or steel, it features an insulated gas that stops the heat from getting dissipated.

However, if the charm of traditional wood fireplaces is irresistible to you, consider installing an enclosed fireplace. These fireplaces resemble traditional hearths in design. However, they feature a glass panel in the front, which minimizes heat loss and thus, efficient heating.

Why Should You Opt for Wood Fireplaces?

Fireplaces are a favorite accessory that almost all home buyers look for in a home. Fireplaces add elegance, romance, and architectural fineness to any space. If you have been toying with the idea of getting wood fireplaces installed, allow us to make this decision easier for you. Here are a few reasons you should opt for a wood fireplace.

1. You won’t be worrying about a massive electricity bill all the time

Electricity bills can burn holes in pockets these days. The most significant benefit of getting a traditional open hearth is that you won’t be constantly worried about getting a massive electricity bill. Moreover, when a bad storm hits and electricity is off, your fireplace will still be running and keeping you warm.

2. These fireplaces make an eco-friendly choice

Global warming is real, and now is the time to act. You can join the fight against global warming and climate change by making small changes in your home. Wood-burning appliances are a great way to make things change for the better. These appliances significantly reduce one’s dependence on fossil-fuel supplied energy. Moreover, wood-burning devices have zero carbon footprint. Since wood is a sustainable energy source, the move to wood-burning products will help save the environment in the long run.

3. They make the perfect setting for a date night

There is nothing more romantic than sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping wine, and holding your partner’s hand. This is the kind of romance that only exists in books. However, with a traditional open hearth, you can make this your reality.

The Final Word

Wood fireplaces remain a hugely popular choice among homeowners for several reasons. They are easy-to-operate, energy-efficient heating devices that can elevate the look and feel of any room with their mere presence. Therefore, if you have been thinking about getting a wood-burning fireplace installed, don’t think twice.

You Are What You Eat Is Your Food Causing Your Anxiety

Everyone has heard that saying, “you are what you eat,” right? And we all know that eating healthier makes you healthier too. But did you know that the food you eat have a big influence on both your physical and mental health? Of course, you may think you already know the things to avoid if you have anxiety, but you may not know all them. Some of them are obvious but others are not so well known. So, here are some things to avoid to help you ease your anxiety.


Well, this is one of the obvious ones. Even though you may think you will be more stressed out if you don’t have that morning cup of coffee, the fact is; caffeine is a stimulant. And stimulants cause symptoms of anxiety. It makes you nervous, shaky, jittery, and increases your heart rate and blood pressure. If you need something hot in a cup in the morning, try a warm cup of herbal tea.


Although some doctors are saying that one glass of wine can relax you, many of us do not know how to stop at one. Especially if we are dealing with anxiety or whatever is causing the anxiety. Alcohol may make you feel good for a little while, but the affects it causes on your body will end up backfiring when it wears off. Make a smoothie or a bubbly fruit drink instead.

Fast Foods

It may be easier to stop at the drive-thru and grab a burger and fries for dinner, but it is definitely not better for you. All that fat and grease are terrible for your body and the unhealthy cooking practices are going to add to your anxiety. Not to mention the weight you can gain that will stress you out even more. If you really have to hit the drive-thru, choose a salad or yogurt parfait.


There is sugar in just about everything nowadays. And studies show that sugar is capable of changing your body to make anxiety worse. Sugar also causes inflammation, which can aggravate anxiety symptoms. Not to mention that sugar crash you have after it wears off. You just don’t need that in your life. Try an apple or some watermelon instead.


Really? Yes, gluten is a wheat, rye, or barley protein that can trigger anxiety symptoms. Many people are allergic to gluten and do not even know it. If you are eating a lot of grains because you heard they are healthy and you are having more anxiety issues, you may want to get checked for Celiac disease, which is an allergy to gluten. There are alternatives to gluten and many gluten-free items on the market now.

Talk to Someone

No matter what you eat, it can affect you badly if you eat too much of it so make sure your diet is balanced. Eat a variety of things from lean meat to fruits and vegetables. If your anxiety is getting difficult to deal with on your own, or you have concerns, consider talking to a professional at You do not need an appointment — in fact, you don’t even have to leave your home.

How to Find & Learn Preparing Stunning Vegan Meals

After deciding I wanted to try a vegan diet for a month, I went to research tons of sites and recipes to make sure I didn’t get bored with eating the same thing. I wanted to learn about different cuisines and styles to keep my diet interesting and tasty. I came across the link below during my research so I wanted to share it here. Keep reading to get my 3 tips on finding and preparing delicious vegan meals but take a look at the link to see what apps are out there for vegan recipes. 

Top Vegan Recipe Apps 

Beginning Your Vegan Diet

Choosing to follow a vegan diet can be good for your health and it can be beneficial to the environment as well. If you haven’t cooked many vegan recipes, the best way to start would be to download an app that focuses on easy and simple preparation recipes. This is a great way to start especially if some of the ingredients are new to you so you can get an understanding of flavors and textures used in vegan cooking. A lot of beginner vegan recipes will be easy to make and may have a small number of ingredients so the preparation won’t take too much concentration. Yet these meals can still be so full of flavor you won’t even notice that there is no meat in the dish.  Committing to a vegan diet can sound overwhelming, but if you slowly learn recipes and start off with vegan easy recipes, you can add on new and more difficult recipes as you feel comfortable and really start to enjoy cooking vegan dishes. 

Advancing Your Skills 

Once you have mastered the simpler recipes and tried new flavors, there’s no doubt you’ll eventually crave some old favorite dishes you ate before you started your diet. Once you feel confident about cooking vegan, then it’s time to step up the recipe game to dishes that are more complex in flavor and complicated to prepare. Look for apps that feature great vegan main dishes for you to make and impress your dinner party guests. You can find apps that help you focus on learning new cooking techniques so you’ll be taking pictures of your creations with pride in no time. Also, look for apps that offer features like nutritional value and portion size per person. This way when you invite friends and family over for a vegan meal you know how much to cook. Another tip would be to create some of the dishes before your big dinner party so you know how to cook them beforehand so you worry less and have more time to enjoy your company. 

Finding Nutritional Value for Eating Healthy 

Just because you have decided to eat vegan, that doesn’t mean all vegan foods will be healthy. Lots of restaurants and fast food joints have catered to the vegan diet, which is great to give more variety,  but that doesn’t mean it is healthy for you. There are vegan snacks foods like falafel that have a lot of fat and calorie content, just as much as some non-vegan snacks. So if you are looking to stay healthy while you’re on the vegan diet, you still need to count calories. If you want to lose weight, you should look for apps that give you tasty vegan recipes that are less than 500 calories per plate. It is always good to seek out the advice of a dietitian if you are looking to lose weight. A lot of times the dietary information you get on certain foods doesn’t directly translate to what nutrients you should have and how much for your body type. You want to make sure you are getting the right amounts so try getting apps that give you detailed nutritional information but also help you track your meals and food habits. If you are tracking your eating habits with apps then you are able to stay in line with your weight loss goals and keep up the habit of eating healthier every day.


Choosing a vegan diet can sound difficult but through recipe apps, you can learn easy recipes and graduate to more complex cuisine as you feel comfortable making the process more enjoyable. You can also rely on apps to help your eating habits to stay healthy and by knowing what nutrients you need to fulfill your health goals. Allow the stress of weight loss to decrease by using apps to help you track your eating habits so you see improvements faster. Use these tips and the link above to enjoy your new vegan lifestyle filled with confidence and delicious foods. 

5 Ways Alcohol Affects Nutrition

Alcohol hasn’t really had a positive relationship with nutrition in the past, and there are several reasons for the association.  Even a small amount of alcohol will have an effect on your physical well being. 

In terms of nutrition, being wise about what you put into your body can really make a difference in your overall quality of life.  Here are a few informative tips about how nutrition and alcohol collide. Consider your average intake and how you might work to refine your regimen.  

Alcohol gives you the munchies

If you go out to a restaurant for dinner, it’s common to have a couple of drinks with your food.  However, it’s also common to enjoy high fat foods while you’re drinking.  The mixture of a high fat dinner and several drinks will effectively overwork your body.  

The high carb content in alcohol mixed with the high fat and other empty calories does not serve your body in a positive manner.  Try eating a light dinner with just one light drink, and the harsh physical side effects of flooding your body with excess calories will be avoided.   

It’s easy to go overboard with booze

Alcohol abuse is an easy pattern to adopt.  Drinking booze makes you happy. It makes you feel bold and comfortable, and it’s not hard to go a little overboard when you’re having so much fun.  

Alcoholism is a terrible disease to battle, and the fallout of the addiction is ugly.  Even after just a few drinks at dinner, you could get a DUI while driving home. Facing a DUI charge can have some very serious consequences on your life.  

Drinking too much causes malnutrition

Drinking a lot of alcohol triggers your body to think that you’ve taken in all the calories you need, and the desire for nutritional things like protein, vitamins, and minerals is stifled.  

When you don’t eat right while living a lifestyle of drinking on a regular basis, you can cause your gastrointestinal tract to be damaged and inflamed. When the lining of your gut is irritated, your body is not as efficient at nutritional absorption. 

Alcohol places extra strain on the heart 

Drinking causes your blood pressure to rise almost instantly.  Alcohol can also cause your body to suffer from the effects of high triglycerides, and a raised triglyceride level puts you in danger of developing heart disease. 

Your drive to succeed could be stifled 

Nutrition is about a daily culture of physical health, and it takes a focused mind to maintain.  Drinking on a regular basis can leave you devoid of the drive to get things done. It’s not easy to juggle the connection to nutrition while simultaneously nursing a drinking habit. 

Tips And Ideas For Improving Your Kitchen Floors

The flooring in your home’s kitchen has to stay strong through a high amount of foot traffic.  Everyone has a reason to go into the kitchen, as we all have to eat. In addition to the foot traffic, your flooring has to last through spills and scooting chairs.  


If you’re looking to update your kitchen flooring and save some money at the same time, a bit of research can lead you in the right direction.  Start now, and read through this brief look at some tips and ideas for improving your kitchen floors.  


Consider cool concrete flooring 


Concrete is an extremely versatile flooring option for those seeking a clean, contemporary look to their new kitchen.  Choosing concrete for your floors gives you the ability to choose the colors, shading, and other elements of the aesthetic.  


You can afford concrete on a fairly simple budget, but you’ll have to be careful about the intricacies.  Upgrades and other unique desires can make a concrete floor expensive. You also need to have the floors periodically resealed.    


The earthy tones of slate add warmth


The earthy tones of slate on your kitchen floor will warm up the room while simultaneously providing camouflage for the daily dirt buildup.  Maintaining slate floors is simple. Just apply a matte-finish product to the floors each year, and you’re good to go.  


It’s important to talk with the manufacturer of your new flooring choice about the proper care and maintenance.  How you care for your new floors makes an impact on just how long your floors last.  


Hardwood floors are timeless 


Homeowners have been using wood for their flooring for over a century.  Hardwood is durable and beautiful, while still being easy to clean. When choosing the finish on your hardwood floors, you should consider who and how you use your kitchen.  


The price of hardwood flooring depends heavily upon what type of wood you choose, and how you plan to install it.  If you pay a big-named company to install your new hardwood, you’ll pay more.  


Bamboo is stylish and durable 


If you want your kitchen to feel earthy while also allowing plenty of natural light to fill the room, then you should choose bamboo.  Bamboo materials are such that they reflect natural light, so your new addition will bring additional brightness to the space. Bamboo flooring is also earth-friendly, and can come in a variety of colors and patterns.  


Cork flooring is comfortable under your feet


You’ll feel like you’re walking on air the first time you set foot on your new cork floors.  Cork is exceptionally quiet, and it will last for quite some time. The cushion of cork floors is also easier on your joints. 

Easy Ways to Make Children’s Lunch Box Healthier

Worried About Your Kids’ Nutrition? Easy Ways to Make Children’s Lunch Box Healthier

Toddlers, young school goers hardly like to eat homemade healthy foods. This thing makes every parent around the world anxious about their kid’s health and growth. During the growing up stages proper food habit is extremely important. Convincing kids to eat granules, fresh fruits and vegetables is the toughest task every parent goes through. Healthy, nutrition-packed foods are highly needed for strong immunity and cell growth. On the contrary, excessive consuming fast foods, packed foods are the reasons for multiple health issues in the future. But, kids never listen to such things rather; whine to have their desirable food items whenever they want, especially in the lunch box.

Now you can make the lunch box absolutely finger-licking fun for your children. Making the delicious dishes your children’s love is no more a hectic job. Nowadays, fast food purchasing from reputed food counters like KFC, Subway, and McDonald’s, and so on is more convenient to make kids’ lunchbox appetizing and interesting. Among all, Subway is getting much popularity, as the retail food counter sells authentic and absolutely fresh and healthier delicacies what you can easily buy using MySubway Card.

Know first the reasons behind half-done lunch box

You should ask your children multiple times to know what they love more to carry in a lunch box. They spend a long day at school, studying, playing and doing multiple activities. The proper nutritional value you should add in the lunch box to keep them fit and active for hours. The scenario of not finishing the complete lunch is quite common, which makes the mothers angry eventually. First of all, try to know the reasons of unfinished lunch. Here some of the points are shared briefly:

  • Usually, kids do not want to finish foods just because of boring decoration. Yes, when the garnishing is wrong, losing the appetite is natural.
  • Coldness is another reason. As the lunch box you pack early in the morning, the foods naturally get cold, sticky, and lose the crispiness.
  • Sometimes, kids do not have a mood to eat foods due to uneasiness, stomach-ache, or other health-related issues as they lost taste.

Tips on fulfilling your kids’ tummy with favourite lunch requirements


Now feed your young one mouth-watering lunch, which gives you full satisfaction as well. Children nowadays love zesty, spicy, and crispy dishes like a burger, tacos, sandwiches, noodles and all. MySubwayCard you can use and purchase instantly such fast food items that fill up their stomach for the long run. These kinds of readymade items you should purchase only from leading fast food selling brands which keeps the pure quality intact. This way, you can make your kids happy by giving healthy and fresh instant foods at lunch.

  • You can make a lunch box look interesting with more than one type of food options. Yes, colorful boiled veggies sprinkle on top of the simple bread-butter toast and boiled egg.
  • Try to add colorful fruit slices which make the lunch box refreshing to look at. It will definitely enhance the appetite, and your kids will love to finish the lunch enjoying sweet and sour fruits alongside the main course.
  • Cook pasta or noodles with multiple vegetables, and add sauce to make the look delightful. Slice the pizzas interestingly using smart hacks and let your children enjoy the lunch with other kids.

It is hard to find toddlers who do not love eating pastries and chocolates. Add some homemade sweets on the lunch box like fudges, pastries, and brownies. Also, do not forget to add Choco chips or gummy bears or other candies once in a while.

Eating Habits That Keep Your Teeth Happy and Healthy

As children, we tend not to worry about our teeth all that much. We automatically assume that they’ll take care of themselves. However, as adults, teeth are a whole different cup of tea. We have to deal with cavities. We have to deal with toothaches. We have to worry about clenching our teeth at night so that our molars end up getting ground down.