My Family


My dear husband Ed is the life and soul of any party and the heart of my amazing family.

After many years of travelling together and trying cuisines from all over the world, we finally settled in Taunton, Somerset where he decided to make an honest woman out of me and give me the most precious gift, that of my family.

Ed is the manager of our local opticians and really brings home the bread, no pun intended.

Although it can be hard to make time for each other with the kids, we eat together every night, listen to how each others day has been and never forget to toast to our happiness.

This chick cooks - family


Our eldest Mark is nearing 11 years old and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.

I remember his first word, first day at school and first play like it was yesterday yet here is he taking care of his younger brothers and sisters and really setting a perfect example. Mark will forever be my baby as much as he is starting to detest my being, he will always be mummy’s girl.

This chick cooks - family


Nine-year-old Jack is a little mini me and Gordon Ramsey in the making. He’s by my side every dinner time, stirring the sauce, taste testing and setting the table.

Jack is a firework, a real energy and best mate to his big brother, a bond which I am ecstatic to see. As a twin, Jack and Thomas have been inseparable since birth and I still try to dress them in twinning outfits, even in they won’t let me.

This chick cooks - family


Thomas, again nine is the other half of our Jack and the polar opposite. He is quite, reserved and quite shy but I am hoping this is just a phase and he will come out of his shell as he gets older.

Thomas is going through this phase where he loves anything sweet but can’t stand the sight of green veggies on his plate or the dinner table for that matter which is proving quite the challenge.

This chick cooks - family


Our little princess Molly, my only other female companion and my little best mate.

At five years old, Molly is a sweetie pie, protected by her big brothers at all costs.

Molls wouldn’t say boo to a ghost, she is gentle, inquisitive and a little mischievous to say the least, she is certainly the most spoiled from our brood but what to do you expect!

This chick cooks - family


Our most recent addition to the Roberts family, Eric is just three years old a force to be reckoned with already.

I just know Eric is going to be a foodie as I find his raiding my cupboard and stealing everyone else’s food from their plates when I’m not looking. A cheeky monkey but he gets away with murder!

This chick cooks - family


I can’t forget Rolo!

Rolo is the family goldfish and a very important member of the Roberts family!

Jack won Rolo 18 months ago at a logo fair and he has exceeded all expectations, but he’s happy enough in his tank, watching our world rush by and munching on his flakes (thankfully he’s not another mouth to feed).

This chick cooks - family