About me

Hello there & welcome to This Chick Cooks.

I am Sam Roberts, a cook, mother and overall food enthusiast from Taunton, Somerset.

I have been blogging for many years now but have been cooking since I was a little girl and I owe that to my fabulous mother Gloria who from the age of two had me up on the counter spicing chicken and mixing cakes.

Many, many years ago I attended culinary school for two and a half years where my mother’s foundations were put to the test and I grew as an individual and a chef. Upon completing my studies, I became a manager of a well-known restaurant in where I spent many late nights and weekends really enjoying my late 20s.

It was here that I met my now husband, Ed who has given me the biggest gift of all; the deepest love and the biggest family.

We are parents to 5 incredible children who inspire and make up laugh every single day and my culinary and managerial past has really helped me to provide a healthy nutritious meal for a family of 7, every night of the week.

family photo

Since officially becoming a housewife seven years ago, This Chick Cooks has evolved into a real outlet for my passion for cooking, accompanied by family life, toddler tantrums and parental tips, naturally.

I am extremely fortunate that I am able to spend the time preparing and cooking meals for my family as I know for those in a full-time job can struggle to find the time, but This Chick Cooks really stands to empower working women and help them to create delicious dishes that are quick, easy yet full of nutritional goodness.

You may be wondering where the name ‘This Chick Cocks’ came from you won’t be the first. During my time at culinary college, I felt I was often overlooked for being a female chef, this is something which has always baffled me as a ‘traditional’ women’s role as the cook in the home yet within a professional environment, women are the underdog and I just can’t for the life of me understand why. When I became a mother to five wonderful children, everyone was asking me how I cope with family life for such a big family and how I manage to cook for seven each night of the week. This Chick Cook came quite naturally as a point to everyone that yes I can cook and be a mother and run a successful blog!

my favourite apron

More recently, my husband encouraged me to get into public events and share my culinary story with others, offering my advice to aspiring chefs, working mothers and even hungry students. My first event was at a local college where I was teaching soon to be university students some of the best, quickest and cheapest meals.

This new venture has given me a new lease of life and I am so excited about the next chapter of This Chick Cooks, if you’re a business, teacher or individual and would like me to discuss all things cooking, blogging and family then please get in touch via the Hire Me tab.

I love to hear from my readers and would love for you to get in touch, whether you’ve got cooking questions, need some family tips or want to know about my time at culinary school, please get in touch today.