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Post Surgery Nutrition Tips For Breast Implant Patients

After going under the knife, your body will have special nutritional needs to recover from the trauma of the surgery.  Your body will need fuel to fight off any infections, repair your damaged cells, and heal any incision sites present.  

The foods you put into your body will have a strong impact on the quality of your recovery.  Treat your body right for the best results. Here is a brief look at some post surgery nutrition tips for those who have just undergone breast implant surgery.  

Some things you can do pre-op 

A couple of weeks before you go in for your breast implant surgery, there are a few things you can do to prepare your body for the shock.  If you’re doing a prepectoral implant surgery, your recovery process will be a bit more difficult.  

Two weeks before you are scheduled for surgery, you need to abstain from taking aspirin, herbal meds, diet pills, and anything else which may interfere with your blood’s ability to properly clot.  A few days before your surgery, you should refrain from drinking any alcohol for the same purpose.  

Do make sure you continue taking a regular multivitamin, and add an extra dose of Vitamin C two weeks before you go in for your augmentation.  Set your body up to heal with ease by treating it with care before your surgery.  

Supplements that promote healing after surgery

You can add supplements to your diet before your surgery to promote healing in the body.  Protein powder and amino acids will help to promote tissue regeneration and help your body heal faster.  

Taking fish oil supplements or eating foods rich in omega-3s will also be conducive to healing.  Get plenty of sleep. Follow a strict health regimen, and you’ll be up and at ‘em in no time.  

Fresh fruits and veggies

Fresh fruits and leafy green veggies provide your body with vital vitamins and minerals.  You want your body to have no trouble performing its autonomic duties, and a healthy installment of fruits and veggies will get you heading in the right direction.  

Try to stay away from caffeine

You should stay away from caffeine for at least a couple of weeks after your breast augmentation surgery.  Excessive caffeine intake can cause your body to dehydrate.  

Dehydration will cause you to heal slower.  Drinking too much caffeine can also result in constipation, and the combination of dehydration and pain meds is a perfect formula for trouble.  

Drink plenty of water post-op

Drink water to avoid dehydration once you are in recovery.  Even if you aren’t going under the knife, your body needs water daily to continue functioning.  Drink lots of water post-op to avoid trouble with constipation and slowed healing.

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