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5 Ways Alcohol Affects Nutrition

Alcohol hasn’t really had a positive relationship with nutrition in the past, and there are several reasons for the association.  Even a small amount of alcohol will have an effect on your physical well being. 

In terms of nutrition, being wise about what you put into your body can really make a difference in your overall quality of life.  Here are a few informative tips about how nutrition and alcohol collide. Consider your average intake and how you might work to refine your regimen.  

Alcohol gives you the munchies

If you go out to a restaurant for dinner, it’s common to have a couple of drinks with your food.  However, it’s also common to enjoy high fat foods while you’re drinking.  The mixture of a high fat dinner and several drinks will effectively overwork your body.  

The high carb content in alcohol mixed with the high fat and other empty calories does not serve your body in a positive manner.  Try eating a light dinner with just one light drink, and the harsh physical side effects of flooding your body with excess calories will be avoided.   

It’s easy to go overboard with booze

Alcohol abuse is an easy pattern to adopt.  Drinking booze makes you happy. It makes you feel bold and comfortable, and it’s not hard to go a little overboard when you’re having so much fun.  

Alcoholism is a terrible disease to battle, and the fallout of the addiction is ugly.  Even after just a few drinks at dinner, you could get a DUI while driving home. Facing a DUI charge can have some very serious consequences on your life.  

Drinking too much causes malnutrition

Drinking a lot of alcohol triggers your body to think that you’ve taken in all the calories you need, and the desire for nutritional things like protein, vitamins, and minerals is stifled.  

When you don’t eat right while living a lifestyle of drinking on a regular basis, you can cause your gastrointestinal tract to be damaged and inflamed. When the lining of your gut is irritated, your body is not as efficient at nutritional absorption. 

Alcohol places extra strain on the heart 

Drinking causes your blood pressure to rise almost instantly.  Alcohol can also cause your body to suffer from the effects of high triglycerides, and a raised triglyceride level puts you in danger of developing heart disease. 

Your drive to succeed could be stifled 

Nutrition is about a daily culture of physical health, and it takes a focused mind to maintain.  Drinking on a regular basis can leave you devoid of the drive to get things done. It’s not easy to juggle the connection to nutrition while simultaneously nursing a drinking habit. 

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