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You Are What You Eat Is Your Food Causing Your Anxiety

Everyone has heard that saying, “you are what you eat,” right? And we all know that eating healthier makes you healthier too. But did you know that the food you eat have a big influence on both your physical and mental health? Of course, you may think you already know the things to avoid if you have anxiety, but you may not know all them. Some of them are obvious but others are not so well known. So, here are some things to avoid to help you ease your anxiety.


Well, this is one of the obvious ones. Even though you may think you will be more stressed out if you don’t have that morning cup of coffee, the fact is; caffeine is a stimulant. And stimulants cause symptoms of anxiety. It makes you nervous, shaky, jittery, and increases your heart rate and blood pressure. If you need something hot in a cup in the morning, try a warm cup of herbal tea.


Although some doctors are saying that one glass of wine can relax you, many of us do not know how to stop at one. Especially if we are dealing with anxiety or whatever is causing the anxiety. Alcohol may make you feel good for a little while, but the affects it causes on your body will end up backfiring when it wears off. Make a smoothie or a bubbly fruit drink instead.

Fast Foods

It may be easier to stop at the drive-thru and grab a burger and fries for dinner, but it is definitely not better for you. All that fat and grease are terrible for your body and the unhealthy cooking practices are going to add to your anxiety. Not to mention the weight you can gain that will stress you out even more. If you really have to hit the drive-thru, choose a salad or yogurt parfait.


There is sugar in just about everything nowadays. And studies show that sugar is capable of changing your body to make anxiety worse. Sugar also causes inflammation, which can aggravate anxiety symptoms. Not to mention that sugar crash you have after it wears off. You just don’t need that in your life. Try an apple or some watermelon instead.


Really? Yes, gluten is a wheat, rye, or barley protein that can trigger anxiety symptoms. Many people are allergic to gluten and do not even know it. If you are eating a lot of grains because you heard they are healthy and you are having more anxiety issues, you may want to get checked for Celiac disease, which is an allergy to gluten. There are alternatives to gluten and many gluten-free items on the market now.

Talk to Someone

No matter what you eat, it can affect you badly if you eat too much of it so make sure your diet is balanced. Eat a variety of things from lean meat to fruits and vegetables. If your anxiety is getting difficult to deal with on your own, or you have concerns, consider talking to a professional at You do not need an appointment — in fact, you don’t even have to leave your home.

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