Because of the health and socio-economic implications, I’ve always admired people who can have a great time without the need to indulge in alcohol, especially since we all know that one’s ability to “know how to limit themselves” diminishes with each subsequent swig you take. That’s kind of the point of drinking, isn’t it?

Anyway, I perhaps overstated the implications a bit with the use of some big ideas, but all I’m really getting at is a review of a non alcoholic gourmet gift hamper which turned out to be the perfect answer to the question “What do you get someone who doesn’t drink, then?” The hamper itself by way of its contents is worthy of a very good full-review, but I rate it’s more of an experience actually ordering the hamper online and then either taking up delivery of it yourself or having it sent to someone to whom you wanted to gift it.

I’ll start with a review of the contents of the hamper itself though and leave the ordering and delivery process for last. I just think it makes semantic sense.

At a price of £95 one would definitely not be trying to play the “you save more money” card for citing some non-alcoholic gifts to give or to buy for self-enjoyment of the goodies contained in the package. It definitely doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every penny you’re spending and more, considering everything you get. So by no means would this fall under the suspicion of being one of those gifts you quickly pick up as an after-thought on the way out of the airport terminal.

Basically it’s everything of a luxury food hamper and it’s ideal for non drinkers. And it’s not one of those makeshift non-drinkers packages too – it’s completely alcohol free, but brings all of the party and more, just as much!

It’s definitely all about what’s on the inside of the luxury Wicker Basket in which the Ultimate Alcohol-Free Hamper is presented, but based on the packaging alone you can tell that some extraordinary delights await the recipient. The clotted cream shortbread by Simply Cornish is fantastic and goes well with the Belvoir Elderflower Presse, which can be enjoyed on its own too anytime of the day.

Snacking takes on a seriously luxe feel and taste, with the included Thomas Tucker salted caramel and vanilla popcorn, as well as the lightly salted (sea salt) Yorkshire Crisps. If you love your baked delights like I do there is a whole lot more in the Elizabeth Shaw milk chocolate and hazelnut biscuits.

My mouth waters just thinking about all the delicious delights in the hamper, with some of the ones included like a special fruit cheese by Tracklements and a black bomber cheese probably best left as a surprise to those who need no further convincing that this is indeed a great choice in food basket gifts for non-drinkers.

Spoil yourself by taking up the free delivery (to get back to the ordering and delivery information) to your door, anywhere in the UK or have the hamper sent as a gift to some special non-alcohol drinking person in your life. We’ve since gotten used to the email alerts and other notifications which form part of the delivery service, while enjoying the hamper itself has grown into somewhat of a tradition for my family and friends.

Alcohol abuse can cause a huge strain on your relationships. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction consider finding a good addiction recovery facility.

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