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Impact of Mobile Gaming on the Online Casino Industry

The impact of mobile gaming on the online casino industry has been huge, and it arrived fast. As the rise of the online casino happened, it seems mobile gaming quickly caught up and with casino games like slots easily accessed there’s a reason players came flocking. Great gameplay and graphics from wherever we may be – click to view now.

Why Mobile Gaming started to Rise

It’s clear to see that mobile gaming is on the increase as the revenue of this branch of casino games keeps increasing year on year. In fact, according to the latest figures published from the authority on gambling and online casino sites, mobile slots revenue amounted to £2 billion in 2019 alone. The use of mobile phones for slots gambling increased by a massive 44 per cent. 

But just why does mobile gaming continue to grow? Same way as online shopping did – convenience. The tap of a button on our devices wherever we may be is by far the most convenient way to play casino games like slots. We don’t need to go out or to a land casino to play slots anymore, and so we don’t. 

Mobile Gaming Increases due to Better Accessibility 

Of course, mobile gaming has impacted the online casino industry due to its accessibility and ease of use. But there are other factors to consider. It is as simple as searching in Google for a company like Casino Martini, putting your email address and a few other details in, and you’re playing! There’s no need to go to a bank or exchange notes to coins every time you want to play casino games. Instead we connect our funds to our online casino account and make transfers via banks or e-wallets. 

With this kind of streamlined ease and accessibility, it was only a matter of time before mobile gaming improved and somewhat overtook even online casino games. And, that’s not all. The king of accessibility, Google, is about to get involved, having already launched 200 bases in different countries to develop their own gaming platform. 

Mobile Gaming responsible for Decline of Casino Arenas 

Again, just like the land based high street stores, land casinos are struggling to keep up. While more and more people than ever before are heading online to play casino games, there’s no need for land casinos or even bingo games halls anymore. Closures have also been attributed to the rise of mobile gaming. While this may be true for the rest of the world, Japan is leading the way as a bastion of gambling entertainment, both online and in physical locations. You can take a look at this for a breakdown of the details.

New laws restricting betting on slots (fixed odds betting terminals) has also done nothing to serve the land based casino industry. Instead it has hoarded people further towards the cyber sphere of casino games. In fact, experts have predicted this law will put a third of all UK betting shops out of business. 

Impact of Mobile Gaming Conclusion 

All in all, it’s clear to see why mobile gaming has impacted the online casino industry, and that the end of traditional gaming is fast approaching. However, this is an exciting time for the online casino and gambling landscape, and we’re sure many will rise to the challenge with bigger and better innovations. Why not try mobile gaming for yourself today and find out what all the hype is about for yourself?

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