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3 Things To Use Without Fail During Cooking

You need to learn how to cook without making a big mess in the kitchen. You also want to make sure that you are going to get good flavors. You can use these three things to make sure that you will have a good time when you are cooking. If you are using one of these things, you may want to use all three. They mix together well, and there are some tips that will make it far easier for you to ensure that you will serve everyone you love the best food they have ever tasted.

1. Red Onions

The first thing you can put in almost any dish is red onions. You can use red onions in just about everything, and you can use their flavor to bring some up to where they need to be. Fry them in a pan to get the crispy onions you need for texture, or cut them fresh on a salad. They can be a garnish if you cut them really thin, or they can sautéed in the pan with some olive oil.  You might also want to purchase face masks if you think that the onions will be too strong for you to use in the kitchen. They will die down a bit after you have cooked them or mixed them with other things.

2.  Olive Oil

You can use olive oil in so many different things. You need oil to make salad dressing, and you can use oil to prepare a pan where you will be frying or sautéing. You can even use olive oil in some of your baking because you want certain breads to have that oily flavor that you cannot get anywhere else. The whole purpose behind these oils is to make sure that you have something that will give your food body or allow it to cook properly. You can use olive oil to finish a pizza or Italian dish, and you can even use olive oil to brush across your grill to make sure that you do not get all your food stuck.

3.  Butter

Butter is the ultimate addition that you can make to almost anything. Butter that is added to food is going to bring that food to live, and you can even use salted butter to make sure that you get a little bit more seasoning on the plate. When you are frying in butter, you get a nice crust and the flavor comes through. If you are baking with butter, you can taste it. You can even mix butter and oil to make a sauce that you can let a lot of your dishes just sit in for a long time. Think about that when you are looking for ingredients that will make it that much easier for you to cook.

As you read this list remember that you can introduce flavor into any dish with just one ingredient, and the three above are going to work no matter what you plan to cook or where.       

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