Why Should You Serve Homemade Instead of Commercial Ice Cream?

There are so many different brands and flavours of commercial ice cream that the best way to stand out is by making your own. And that’s far from the only benefit. While mixing your own ice cream might sound like a chore you could do without, it actually comes with several benefits that could help you keep bringing customers back for more.

Pick Your Own Flavours

We’re not saying you’re going to reinvent the ice cream market with your own creations, but it’s still great being able to adjust recipes until you find the perfect taste. It’s even better during certain times of year. You can come up with different flavours based around seasons or holidays, or you can simply come up with something unique to add to your menu.  Customers will love coming back to try something unique and unexpected. It might taste even better on holiday! You can always just get cheap flights away and give ice cream abroad a taste.

Reduce Your Costs

The financial benefits of making your own ice cream should also be attractive. Even though you’ll get a discount by buying wholesale, commercial ice cream is still pretty expensive. Save yourself some money each month by buying ingredients in bulk and using an ice cream machine instead of purchasing commercial ice cream. You’ll also save on freezer space and running costs since you’ll be able to make ice cream as and when you need it instead of having to stock up.

Make Your Desserts Healthier

Even commercial ice cream of the highest quality needs to use additives to keep the product tasty, and many brands are notorious for stuffing in chemicals in a bid to make their ice cream taste better. This makes the product less healthy, but you can eliminate the need for those chemicals and preservatives completely when you mix your own, and more people are likely to try your ice cream if you can say that it is made without them. You’re also free to add healthier ingredients that wouldn’t have lasted in commercial ice cream, such as fresh fruit.

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