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What You Should Know About Cooking With Cannabis Flower

As legal cannabis becomes more and more ubiquitous, the number of people using it to cook is increasing every day. And as pot enters the mainstream, we’ll see it have more and more of an impact on the culinary landscape. Indeed, there are already plenty of cannabis cookbooks out there; a quick tour through Amazon would reveal at least a dozen good ones. There are even several weed-themed cooking shows across the available spectrum of streaming services.

So now’s as good a time as any to teach yourself how to cook with cannabis flower.

Cannabis Isn’t Just For Brownies Anymore. There’s a good chance you’ve had a home-baked pot brownie or chocolate chip cookie before. In the days before the explosion of edibles on the marketplace, most people who couldn’t smoke pot (or didn’t want to) would simply bake it into everyday desserts. And that’s still an option – particularly for those who don’t enjoy the taste of cannabis, since strong chocolate can pretty easily mask the taste.

But just as weed merchants have made great strides in crafting new kinds of edibles, home cooks have also discovered just how versatile cannabis can be in the kitchen.

Here are three ways you can incorporate weed into your culinary basics.

Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Cooking Oil. To do this, you’ll need your favorite strain of cannabis flower, some high-quality, high-fat cooking oil, and a slow cooker or crock pot. Since marijuana isn’t water-soluble but is fat-soluble, you’ll need a fatty oil like peanut oil or canola oil. Using a food processor, chop your cannabis about as finely as dried oregano or chives (when in doubt, err on the side of chopping more coarsely). Then simmer it in the oil for about six hours, covered, and strain the whole mixture through a cheesecloth. Keep it tightly capped (it’ll lose potency every minute it’s exposed to the air) and refrigerate. It should keep for about two months.

Make Your Own Cannabis Butter. Butter is a good opportunity to let the taste of your cannabis shine, so be sure to pick a strain whose flavor you’re a fan of. Grind your weed a little more finely than you’d grind it for cooking oil, then heat your butter in a saucepan and add the cannabis. Strain and refrigerate; the butter will solidify into a spreadable state once it’s been kept cold for a while.

Make Your Own Cannabis Flower Flour. This process is much more time-consuming than infusing oil or butter with weed, but not really more difficult. The hard part is making sure you’ve thoroughly removed all the stems and seeds from your cannabis buds, then really thoroughly drying out your flower. Even the tiniest amount of moisture can turn your flour into paste, so if you have a food dehydrator, now’s the time to break it out. Once your flower is dry, grind it in a food processor or coffee grinder. The goal here is to grind the cannabis as finely as possible – try to make it as close to real all-purpose flour as you can (this is the time-consuming part). Once the grinding process is finished, sift your pot powder through a flour sifter and – that’s right, grind it down again. Do this until sifting reveals no unground pieces of cannabis flower. After this you can store the flour, either mixing it with a larger amount of regular all-purpose flour or mixing it into individual recipes.

Don’t Have Any On Hand? Have It Delivered. There’s no need to visit a dispensary if you need cannabis for a recipe; with their ease of use, great selections and friendly and knowledgeable mobile budtenders, cannabis delivery services are rapidly becoming the best option out there for getting quality product. With companies like GrassDoor delivering cannabis flower to your door, the cooking process is a lot smoother. In fact, GrassDoor is your best bet if you want to start cooking with cannabis right away, since they guarantee delivery in about an hour. Check them out here.

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