Three Top Tips for Throwing the Best Summer Kids Party

All parents understand the importance of a child’s birthday party. After all, it’s not merely your kid’s friends that are coming but their parents too! All those Mom’s and Dad’s you would otherwise only encounter during school runs, parents evenings or organized play dates, all coming to your house for one, not remotely stressful, event. Follow these simple steps and ensure that your child’s birthday party is the talk of the town (and not because you gave everyone food poisoning, or the piñata you bought at the market was empty).

  1. Have a Theme

Nothing inspires excitement in party goers of any age like a fancy dress theme. Whether you decide upon a pirate party, a Finding Nemo party or a countries of the world party; a strong theme will create hype about your party and add a good aesthetic to the event. There is something very pleasing about party games enacted by children all dressed up as medieval knights, for example.

Don’t let the task of choosing the theme stress you out too much, as long as it inspires the party goers that is all that matters. Ask your child what they might want, and if you can’t come up with anything take a look at what other people have done.

  1. Cater for the Fussiest of Eaters

Anyone who has children knows how darn fussy they can be. Whether they like cheese but not ham, rocket but not lettuce, carrots raw but not cooked, providing a meal for a wide array of children can be a total minefield.

The first rule is: keep it simple and varied. Just because Timmy doesn’t like brown bread, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like white bread. If the idea of making a thousand different sandwiches fills you with dread, think about making pizzas or burgers for everyone. Ideally, you might have a new outdoor cooking station from and you will be able to keep a watchful eye on all of your little guests while you cook.

The second rule is sugar sells! Although on a normal day we would want to restrict our cake and biscuit output, sugary tasties are the backbone of any great kids party. Make sure to have something gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options for those children who might have intolerances. Finally, remember to label any cakes, biscuits or salads that contain nuts.

  1. Provide a Variety of Party Games

All children develop different interests and skill sets, and whatever entertainment you have should reflect this diversity with the games that you choose. A traditional treasure hunt is a great idea for children who are strong readers, but be sure to include pictures for those with a more visual learning style. Remember to have a good range of options for activities, some children might prefer to have quiet time. Setting up a drawing station is always a good way to provide those more introspective children with something to do.

If you are struggling for ideas, check out some other suggestions. Remember, whenever there is a lull in stimulation, destruction sneaks in. Keep your child and their guests occupied and save your perennials from sticky little hands.

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