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Every parent wants their absolute best for their children. They want them to go into the best colleges and get the best education to start their careers on the best step. Your child can get his pick of colleges, if he performs well both academically and physically.

If your children is already set his eyes on a college and you are looking to finance his educate, this fantastic read will help answer all your basic questions.

Motivating your teenager might be a little more challenging because it’s a tricky phase of their lives. They are going through a lot of emotional and physical changes. And most of the times, parents are unable to understand this change even though they have been through it themselves. Do you remember the times when you felt like an adult but were still considered a child? It’s been years and you may not be able to relate with your teenager.

Are you worried about the challenges that await you? These seven simple tips to help you motivate your teenager:

Cultivate Positivity

Teenagers might feel down due to failure or peer pressure. The power of positivity will help deal with this situation. Motivate them by focusing on their success, even if it’s just a well-written essay. You might feel low due to their failures but remember this isn’t helping them. Your smile over small achievements may help them overcome bigger failures. And your motivation to help them learn from failures will help them see failures as a learning process.

Empathize with your teenager

Do not sympathize, when you can empathize. Parents need to empathize. They need look at the world from the teenager’s point of view; not their own. Make him feel that you are understand and accept him, the way he is. If he is in a situation where he needs help, you must first listen to his point of view before making any comment. Motivate your teenager by first understanding why he did what he did.

Stop Talking, Start Listening

A teenager has his own school of thought. He has his own set of ideas by now. You need to respect them. Which is why parents must act as light and not fire.  This age leads to vulnerable decisions which might be regretted later in life. Your teenagers may accept bullying, drugs or even cyberbullying as something that’s normal. You know they are harmful. But telling him that, doesn’t mean he will understand.  Whenever he comes to you for advice, listen with respect to what he has to say. Or even when you need to say something, discuss and not impose your ideas. Your teenager may be struggling to talk to you. And if he does, you need to be his priest in a confession box.

Lower Your Expectations

If you are expecting your teenager to be the next Bill Gates, your expectation bar is too high. I get it. We want our kids to achieve so much. We know they can do it. But at this stage of life, they are already struggling. They might be considering themselves as failure, and your high expectations aren’t helping. Teach your teenager to set his goals on his own and only put an effort to help him achieve them. You must not decide the goals but should act as a helper. Remind him subtly of his targets, help him make a plan and provide your input for the implementation as well. And there you go!

Add them into the decision making process

The biggest mistake a parent makes is thinking of their teenager as a child. He is not a child anymore and must be made a part of the decision making at home. He needs to be involved in some of the matters taking place at home. If the house needs a paint job, ask him for his idea. Ask him to come up with menu list for the upcoming party. Involve him in your work. These small gestures will make him a confident and stronger person. Put him in the driver’s seat and trust his decisions. Not only will he achieve a sense of respect but will learn from these activities as well.

Encourage him to pursue extra-curricular activities

A teenage mind is busy forming new ideas and is also going through an emotional turmoil due to the physical changes. They can apply their energy and ideas in many constructive activities. This will give them time to relax and de-stress. This is the time when you need to motivate them to take part in co-curricular activities.

Manage Time

Parents must help teenagers to schedule their activities and manage time resourcefully. A day spent with balance is a day well-spent. Teach him how to manage his activities throughout the day. We should be able to make his own plan and be able to implement it. Encourage him to make his own “To Do List” and plan it according to the time. This is one of the essential tools which a parent must provide to the teenager so that his life is well-managed and organized.

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