Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Instead of Coffee

Tea has a long list of health benefits that you might have never heard about. Most health experts believe that drinking tea instead of coffee will help you feel more refreshed as well. An old household favorite in many parts of Asia, this beverage is the dark knight of beverages that you must try. Here are a few reasons why you must drink it.

It protects your memory

Drinking green tea regularly is found to reduce memory loss related to old age. It could help you in getting sharper focus as well. Green tea helps in detoxification and it is a perfect addition to your daily schedule, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Green tea, black tea or even milk tea, doesn’t increase your heartbeat like coffee and doesn’t act as a powerful diuretic, making it much safer to consume.

It has less caffeine

This beverage has three times as less caffeine as compared to coffee. It could still give you a boost in the morning but would not make you feel addicted. If you replace it with chai, you will feel refreshed every day. The high that coffee gives can wear out very soon. Not when you are drinking this humble beverage.

It comes in several flavors

The sheer number of flavors in tea could be mind boggling. You could enjoy ginger tea, cardamom tea, basil tea or a combination of all three in Indian chai. You can also drink green tea, white, black tea or a plethora of herbal teas. All of them comes with several infusions- most of them herbal, which helps in keeping your body in great shape with giving you several plant-based nutrients as well.

Lower calories

Tea doesn’t have any calories. If you are drinking herbal infusion varieties, you will consume barely 2 calories with each cup. Milk-based varieties, depending on the type of milk being used and the sugar added in the process, could add up to 100 calories or more, but it is still lower than a coffee with creamer and sugar. Either way, you could enjoy a cup without having to worry about the calories. Next time you go out, ditch the sodas and fancy drinks and go for a delicious, herbal infusion variety.

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