Keeping Up With the Cleaning Management

Keeping your commercial restroom clean is crucial to ensuring that your customer’s and visitor’s are left with a positive impression of your business. For example, if a restaurant’s bathroom is in shambles and not up to high standards of cleanliness, guests are probably going to assume that the restaurant’s kitchen is in a similar state. Keep your restroom clean to encourage performance of your employees as well as promote an environment that the guest’s to your business will want to return to. 

Keeping Bad Odors Away

A foul odor can leave a terrible impression on visitors to your restroom. Bad smells can make customers feel sick to their stomach and lead them to not want to participate in your establishment. To help keep odors away you can use three different routes.

  • Odor Maskers
    – perfume type fragrance
    – doesn’t get away of the smell and odor still might be able to be detected
  • Odor Destroyers
    – literally destroy odors through the use of molecular compounds and hypochlorous acid
    – can be irritating to the nose in high concentrations
    – most be closely watched and monitored
  • Odor Distorters
    – create an odor barrier
    – promotes a pleasant scent for guests of the restroom

Getting Surfaces Clean

The most effective way of getting rid of odors is getting rid of the source of the odor in the first place. Inadequate or negligent cleaning overtime can cause the smell of urine and feces to build up in a public restroom rather quickly. Proper cleaning every single day of all surfaces can help to prevent these odors from building up too severely. Introduce this for safe cleaning and remembersurfaces can be breeding grounds for foul-smelling bacteria.

Supply and Demand

Make sure that your restroom is allows filled with an adequate amount of supplies. Ensure that visitors to your restroom are able to completely wash their hands. Paper towels and soap must always be in stock. Hand dryers must always be in working condition. Out of stuck supplies can lead to a variety of complaints from visitors to your establishment and can be a huge inconvenience for your staff and your guests.

Utilizing these restroom cleaning tipsis important for a variety of reasons. Make sure that visiting your establishment is a convenient experience for your guests. A clean restroom can help to leave a good impression on your guests and can also eliminate or diminish the spread of disease. Avoiding illness means that your staff is able to be as productive as possible and that you will have healthy, happy guests that are eager to return to your business as soon as possible.

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