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It’s Never too Late to Start a Satisfying Career

What should you do when your children don’t seem to understand that their naive ideas about what it takes to create a happy, successful life are unlikely to bring them the opportunities you wish for them? 

As a parent, you want the best for your children. When they become teenagers, you try to figure out different ways to interest them in what they should do “when they grow up.” You want them to raise their self-expectations to achieve great things in life. Unfortunately, neither pep talks nor introducing them to your most successful friends appears to make much of a dent. 

How do you motivate your teenager to decide on a career that will make it easier for them to flourish in life? The answer may surprise you: set an example through your own career. But what if you don’t have a career or a lackluster one because you made some poor decisions when you were in college? 

Well, now is your chance to choose again. Not only will you renew your own interest in the world of work, but you will also inspire your child to choose something fulfilling when it’s time for them to decide on a profession. 

What you do, more than what you say, will have a major influence on your child’s career choice. 

When it comes to careers, you must choose something that aligns with your nature.  

If you are a practical type, then choose a practical career, and if you’re a born dreamer, choose an artistic one. Neither is better than the other. Either path could lead to an illustrious career. 

The quickest way to launch a new career is to get a degree in it. This is almost always the answer when a kid is asking “how can I be successful in construction” or “how can I be a successful entrepreneur”. This will fast-track your success rather than spending years acquiring experience on the job. As an example, let’s assume that you could either choose an MBA, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), to get into business, or a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA).

What an MBA Degree Can Do for You

Researching accredited online MBA programs will fire you up to become part of a technology-driven business environment. Earning an MBA degree is a good choice for you if you like the idea of playing a leadership role in a business. 

You will use your degree to advance your opportunity to get a rewarding job in business. This degree will make job prospecting easier, help your resume stand out, and make it far easier to market yourself for a management role. 

MBA salaries are about 6 figures a year, sometimes a little under, sometimes a little over. You could, for example, use your degree to become a marketing director, earning $147,500 a year; a product manager, earning $86,500 a year; a management consultant, earning $87,818 a year; or a senior financial analyst, earning $99,000 a year. 

What an MFA Degree Can Do for You

The stereotype of the struggling artist is a myth. People in many artistic fields experience extraordinary success. This career path is ideal for someone who values self-expression and autonomy. There are many paths you could take in the fine arts, such as visual arts (drawing, painting, graphic design), dance, theater, creative writing, or filmmaking. 

Earning an MFA degree is a good choice for you if you have a natural inclination toward philosophical or creative thinking. The average income is about $60,000 a year

Set an Example

As a parent, you could influence your child’s career by telling them what to do or you could decide to create a career for yourself to express more of your potential. This decision will not only enhance your own life wonderfully but will also inspire your child to think about work as something exciting and rewarding.

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