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Introducing Yourself to New Hobbies in 2019

Many people live their existence either at work, looking after the kids or spending time with friends on the weekend. While this is perfectly lovely and normal, many worry that they don’t have enough hobbies in their life to shake things up.

A hobby can be anything from postage stamp collecting to hunting through charity shops, or maybe even surfing off the coast of Britain. Finding something you come back to time and time again can be quite difficult in the first place.

Embrace your current interests

Do you naturally incline towards arty activities, or do you spend your days itching to get out of the house? Acknowledging what you currently love and loath can be a good way of indicating what it is you might be interested in. If you always loved art and design at school then maybe book yourself into a day at a printing or clay workshop. If you’re sporty, then maybe try rock-climbing or kayaking if they’re something you’d never normally try. Of course, experimenting with cooking is also a great way to discover a hobby in your very own home. Learning how to cook your favorite dish can spark curiosity in other aspects of learning how to cook.

Update Old Hobbies

Rather than stick to an old hobby that’s becoming outdated, replace it with a new and better one. For instance, do you smoke? While this is more of a lifestyle than a hobby, you could consider vaping instead. Not only is vaping more fashionable, but there are many tasty flavors to choose from, such as those by Ultimate Juice. Whether it be something fruity, sour or traditional, this will revitalize your life!


If you’re struggling to find something you really enjoy, try something you absolutely would never usually try. Throwing in a wildcard option will get you to try something that is completely out of your comfort zone. For instance, if the idea of picking up a musical instrument for the first time horrifies you, or if the idea of attending a life-drawing class feels completely embarrassing, then you should probably give these a try. Here are a few methods of trying to pick out a wildcard:

  • Think like a child: what would your carefree former self be interested in? We were much more willing to throw ideas out there and try new things as a child, and so embracing this mindset could be incredibly helpful.
  • Pick anything at all that piques your interest: if you see an advert for an interesting class, or something that’s not too far off your current interests, such as an advert for a local amateur football team, try it out. Ignore the voice that says you can’t, or you might hate it – you never know until you try.

Rather than be intimidated by trying new hobbies, see them as a chance to reform and try new passions. Experimenting with new interest and trying out alternatives to replace old habits can unearth some potentially blissful ways to spend your time.

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