Impress Your Guests with These 4 Delicious Dishes

There’s nothing better than seeing the unexpected surprise on your guests’ faces as they’re transported into culinary heaven by your well-crafted, but unbeknown to them, simple dishes. Creating a dish that wows guests takes more than just pleasing their tastes buds. The dishes have to look great as well, which is why you’ll notice a lot of bright colors in this list.

You won’t feel guilty about serving your guests anything unhealthy either, as each of these dishes incorporate the key concepts of clean eating. So, whether you have to whip something up for the in-laws, the neighbors next door or your significant other, nobody will leave with an empty stomach if you serve them one of these great dishes.

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Skinny Lasagna Rolls

These work especially well for wowing guests as serving everyone individual rolls will make them think you’ve crafted each one especially for them. It’s a little sneaky, but nobody will know because they’ll be too busy enjoying the whole-wheat noodle roll that’s unlike anything you’ll find at the restaurant. Each time you make it you’ll have enough to serve ten people and you can rest assured knowing that you’re feeding everyone something healthy.


What’s more impressive than a classy Asian-inspired dish that’s both beautiful to look at and good for the stomach? Ditch the take-out and make your own with a couple of simple ingredients that, when put together properly, can make for one visually impressive dish. Simply grab some spaghetti, add a few chunks of chicken and decorate with your favorite vegetables. Anything from tomatoes and greens to carrots will do. The more you add, the more colorful the dish will look.

Grilled Shrimp in Avocado Shells

This simple dish looks like something a contestant uses to win Masterchef. Everyone loves shrimp and avocados, so why not combine the two to create a classy and fun dish? It’s also super healthy. Avocado does great things for the heart while shrimp is rich in protein and antioxidants. Add some extra flair with a variety of ingredients that work well with this dish, including lime and spices. Have it for a lunch with the ladies or an appetizer before the big dinner.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

If your friends are the less snobby, more laid-back type when it comes to food, nothing beats a fried chicken sandwich to satisfy their appetite. Simply toast up some white and/or brown bread (the more whole it is, the better!) and fry up your best chicken recipe and shred or simply cut it and place it on the bread. Add some extra wow factor by serving a variety of sauces or vegetables on the side for the guests to choose from.

Whether you’ve somehow managed to get Gordon Ramsay over or you’re feeding a couple of guys too distracted by the football game to worry about the nutritional composition of your dish, everyone will love you for your effort. Even if you did just fry some chicken and stuffed it in a sandwich.

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