How to Stay Nutritious at the Office

When you spend your weekdays sat at a desk, staying fit and healthy can be troublesome. After a long, hard day’s work, exercise seems like too much effort and hassle. Plus, if your work brings you stress, you can find yourself craving sweets and junk food. Therefore, trying to lead a nutritious lifestyle can seem frustrating when your work life is plagued with sitting still, little exercise, and leaving you too tired when you do have free time.

You aren’t alone, though. Many of us are challenged with the same problem. To overcome the ordeal, you simply have to learn how to address the issue. Change your lifestyle with this perfect recipe on how to stay nutritious at the office, and altering your life for the better.

Eat Breakfast

Not only does skipping breakfast leave you with the higher chance of craving unhealthy foods later on in the day, but eating a wholesome breakfast also speeds up your metabolism. Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal; studies have shown that whole grains can lower blood pressure, promote healthy gut bacteria, and protect you against heart disease. It’s also full of protein, which is ideal for those looking to lose weight and creating a lean body.

Top tip: Make sure you read the labels of your cereal. Many cereals seem nutritious, however, a lot contain hidden amounts of sugars. Only consume organic, and natural cereals, and add honey for added sweetness.

Avoid ‘Cake Culture’

Nowadays, many employers and employees bring in cake to the office, and share sweet and/or baked goods with their co-workers. Although the sentiments are all well and good, it can cause havoc to your health, waistline and even teeth. Avoid bringing in sweet treats, and if someone offers you a slice of cake, politely decline. You’ll probably find a lot of other co-workers feel the same way as you, so by taking a stand against cake and other treats, you could lead the office towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, the occasional treat, if coupled with regular exercise, is perfectly fine. Also, if it’s someone’s birthday, or any other type of celebration, then cake is the ideal way to celebrate. Just keep tabs on what you’ve eaten, so you can balance it out later on.

Drink Your Coffee Black

Black coffee has numerous health benefits; plus, by cutting out milk and sugar, you’re lessening your amount of liquid calories and sugar intake. The benefits of drinking coffee includes helping the prevention of liver cancer and fatty liver disease, improves energy and mood, is a powerhouse of antioxidants (vitamin B2, B3, B5, magnesium and potassium), and boosts your dopamine levels. You should, therefore, ensure there’s a good quality coffee machine in your office, with organic and natural coffee beans, such as those at Office-Coffee.co.uk.

Top tip: Black coffee (such as an espresso) can help you work out for longer. Plus, black coffee can increase your metabolism by up to 50%. It’s also considered a fat burning beverage, as it stimulates the nervous system which signals the body to break down fat cells, as opposed to storing them.

Find an Office Work Out Buddy

Eating healthy is all well and good, but you also need to ensure you’re working out well and regularly if you wish to stay fit and healthy. Ask someone in the office who either works out already, or someone who has a similar goal. Come up with a schedule, such as meeting each other at the gym every other day, and support one another in your work out endeavors. By finding a work out buddy, you’ll have more motivation, and will be less likely to skip the gym for an extra hour in bed.

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