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How to Prepare a Romantic Dinner Date At Home

Whether you’re dating or married, finding quality time to spend with one another can strengthen your relationship. The only trouble is, going out isn’t as affordable as it used to be. A trip to the movies or out to a nice restaurant can set you back a bit if you’re on a tight budget. Rather than foregoing that quality time altogether, why not try having a romantic dinner date at home. 

Send Out an Invitation

As schedules can be busy you’ll want to make sure that your partner is able to make this romantic date night for two at home. You can quickly confirm this by sending an invite. You can send a quick email letting them know that you have planned a date night in. If you’d like it to be a bit of a surprise you don’t have to disclose many details. Just let them know the day, time, dress code, and anything you’d like them to bring. 

Plan a Special Meal

When planning a romantic evening for two at home, you don’t want to prepare something you’d have any night for dinner. The meal should be special so that you can feel as if you’re at a fancy restaurant for the evening. So, take some time to decide on the proper menu. You can go with your partner’s favorite dish or opt for something you’ve never tried before. If you’re a beginner chef, there are some easy dinner ideas you can try. There’s also the option to order meal-kit online in advance. This way, you’ll have all the ingredients you need ready to prepare a quick, delicious, but healthy meal for two. 

Decide on Attire

There are a few ways you could go with a romantic date night in when it comes to what to wear. You could keep it laidback and casual by wearing loungewear or scale things up a bit by putting on a nice evening gown or suit and tie. It’s all about the type of mood you wish to set for the evening. 

Set the Tone

Speaking of mood for the evening, you’ll need to set the tone with a bit of creativity and decor. The environment can create an intimate vibe or a fun, light-hearted scene depending on what you’re going for. You might want to set the dining room table with a nice tablecloth, placemats, and your finest china finished off with a fresh bouquet of roses and a few candles. Maybe you want to watch movies while you grub, then set up a nice eating area on the floor near your television. Add a few pillows on the floor for you to get comfortable and set the scene just as you would a table. If the weather is nice, you may even decide to take your romantic date night outdoors and have dinner in your backyard. Some landscaping lights, a few comfortable lawn chairs, and a nice table setting will do the trick. You might even want to create a playlist to help create an ambiance. 

After Dinner

Most date nights include a shared meal and some form of activity when you’re done. After you’ve had your dinner, think about things the two of you can do together to get even closer. You can play cards or board games, you can watch a movie, you can turn on some slow music and dance, you can enjoy a nice conversation over a glass of wine, or maybe you just want to have a deep conversation over a glass of wine. Whatever activity you’re going to do, make sure you set a place for that as well so you can be comfortable. 

Life pulls couples in all different directions. While this is common, it is imperative to maintain your relationship by spending quality time together. If going out is more than you can afford, you can do something from the heart that’s also affordable like having a romantic dinner at home. If you use the tips provided above, your partner is sure to be blown away by all the effort you went through to make sure this moment was special for both of you.

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