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How to Grill Like a Pro

Summer comes with all the excitements that go with the blazing hot sun, outdoor parties by the pool side and lots and lots of grilling! The flavor and taste of grilled food is heavenly. One needs not be nervous around a grill, as it is a great way to prepare food. It is relatively simple and quick.

Grills can be used to cook practically anything, from steaks, chicken, burgers, shrimps and seafood to vegetarian food, veggies and hot dogs. You have the chance on experimenting on any food combination while grilling and hope for something new yet exciting at the end. The best part is that anyone can grill. You do not have to be an expert to grill like one. With a little guidance such as you will receive in the paragraphs that follow, you will learn how to grill like a pro.

1. Charcoal or Gas?

Every grill have one thing in common, which is fire. Your fire could come from a charcoal or gas. The big difference between the two is the fuel source. Using a charcoal grill gives you more of that grilled charcoal flavor.

Pro grillers have mastered the art of using different types of wood chips with a charcoal grill to give food a distinct flavor. This is why many grill connoisseurs prefer a charcoal grill over gas. Note however,that charcoal grills require a little more attention and effort from you, as the flames need to be kept hot and the temperature controlled intermittently to produce that smoky flavor.

The gas grill does have its advantages too. It’s easier to control. The temperature can be monitored with the help of the dial and can also be timed and preset to suit your purpose.There are several grills out there in the market that will suit your purpose. If you are on a tight budget, you will also find a lot of quality low-priced grills that will serve you as well.

2. Use the Right Tools

Setting upmise en place is how every pro chef begins a successful grilling procedure. This simply means you should have an organized work area with every needed thing in its place. When grilling, there are certain simple tools you must have in your collection. Items such as a spatula, a long fork anda pair of tongs are necessary. A sauce brush must be within reach if you grill using sauces. Everything must be kept at easy to reach locations, so you don’t have to run around looking for your tools when it’s time to cook.

3. Clean and Oil as you Preheat

Always clean your grill while it’s hot. Since you have to preheat it to get it to the right temperature for cooking, this is also a good time to clean it. Make use of a wire brush and scrub the grate so your food can cook evenly and not stick. This would keep the grill clean and help give your food a great sear.

4. Create Cook Zones

One way to produce the best results while grilling is to create heat zones.  Sometimes you find out you are different things at once that may each require different heat levels. Creating heat zones helps you provide the proportionate heat to each item. This might mean pushing most of the charcoal to one area to sear something, then sliding them over to an area with fewer charcoals to cook slowly. A simple way to test the heat on the grill is by holding your hand over the grate, palm-side down, and pulling away before it begins to get uncomfortable. For high heat, its two to three seconds, medium is four to five seconds,while low heat requires 6-7 seconds.

This can be achieved in the gas grills by conveniently adjusting with the knob. Keeping the lid closed as much as you can helps achieve your purpose too. Opening it often feeds the flame and may burn the food.

5. Use Timers and Thermometers

A timer and thermometers helps you to keep track of the duration of time your food has been cooking. Do not go beyond the time you set on the timer, else you will most likely burn the food. It is better shorten the cooking time than to elongate it. You can always throw the food back on the grill if it is not quite done, but you cannot reverse time or un-cook something that is overcooked or burnt. You should also watch out for foods that are done before the others and take them off too. There may be hotter spots on your grill, also, ingredients that are not always uniform in size may cause some things to be done before the others. Get a spare plate and aluminum foil handy to remove items that finish before the others, covering them with the foil to keep warm.

6. Grill Pans and Baskets

Grill pans and baskets are usually sold in department and kitchen stores. A pan is a great choice for or small-cut or thin vegetables that may fall through onto the coals. Baskets and grill pans are nice tools to use when you want to cook smaller things, such as chopped veggies. These help you to still grill and char them perfectly, without losing a good number of them to the grate. A simple tin foil comes in handy to help with grilling baked potatoes and ears of corn, as well as fruits.

These tips will help you stay organized and in control in the art of grilling and in combination with certain food-related principles would help you grill just about anything perfectly and deliciously.

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