How to Get Into Cooking

When it comes to cooking, it’s safe to say we all have some experience with working to feed ourselves. After all, everybody’s gotta eat. However, we don’t always appreciate the actual act of cooking like we should. We all have to do it, so we might as well enjoy it, right? And, there’s plenty to enjoy when cooking. There are seemingly endless recipes to try out, for starters, and every new recipe you try is a new meal to try out, as well. Therefore, it behooves us to try to out new things. We can learn what we like, what we don’t, and what we LOVE and wish we had tried sooner. If you want to learn to cook more new recipes, and you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions to help you along.

First and foremost, let’s talk about spices. For starters, let’s talk about turmeric. Turmeric is a warming spice, so it’s great to have in dishes during cold weather. So, after you get done riding your snowmobile, preferably after watching this safety video, eating a dish with spice can help you adjust to the cold by warming up your body. It’s also a home remedy for inflammation, so it can be used to relieve swelling and aches. (Again, perfect for after riding the snowmobile.) When dealing with turmeric, think of other spice heavy foods like Mexican food, for example. You can try making some fajitas using chicken as a main ingredient, and then you can season the chicken with turmeric, chili powder, cumin, and, if you need some extra heat, toss in some minced chilies or jalapenos. Then, you’ll want to saute some green peppers and onions before placing your ingredients, fully cooked, into tortillas. You may notice a distinct lack of cheese, and that’s because a taco this is not. Fajitas are traditionally served with seasoned meat and sauteed veggies with little to no other ingredients.

Another important part of learning to cook is meal prepping. Meal prepping is the act preparing meal in bulk in advance to save time down the road. So, for example, make a weeks worth of each meal on Sunday, for example, and then refrigerate and freeze what you have to feed you throughout the week. Not only does this save you time, but it can also save you money by providing you a way to eat a home cooked meal at work or school. It’s easy to do and saves you both time and money, and it’s a great way to put newly learned recipes to good use. So, in the case of the fajitas, you might use two whole onions, two green peppers, and two pounds of chicken, scale up your spices, and then ration it out to one dinner per day. Then, be sure to fill in the gaps with other meals, as well. So, you add to your daily meals a breakfast and lunch. So, with this in mind, get out there and get cooking!

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