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Fried Chicken Is Good For You. Even Better, It Can Be Healthier

The good old fried chicken. It is one of the world’s most beloved dishes. No one can resist its crispy skin and its juicy meat. Thinking about it can make one drool. Well, this comes to no surprise. There’s so much to love about the fried chicken that can make anyone addicted and hooked to it.

However, the fried chicken has its fair share of controversies (so to speak). Many health experts say that fried chicken is one of the unhealthiest foods you can ever consume. It is teeming with fat, calories, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. If you are figure-conscious, the thought of consuming even a piece may make you run away.

So is the fried chicken all that bad? Does that mean consuming a piece is lethal? Will it make anyone gain so much weight? Well, here is the low down on the fried chicken.

Good News

Yes, doctors do say that fried chicken is good for you. There’s no need to fret. You can have the best-fried chicken in the world, similar to the fried chicken burgers of Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken Sunshine!

An in-depth study published by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism revealed that having fast food such as fried chicken is as good as a protein bar. This is especially effective for glycogen recovery after a good and intense workout. 

It even became more evident as the study involved a group of cyclists who completed a 90-minute ride. As they took on the challenge, one group was given sports supplements while others got fast food like fried chicken.

After riding for 12.4 miles, the research found that there is not much of a difference in blood glucose and insulin levels for both groups. This means having one or two pieces of fried chicken after an intense workout such as circuit training or a marathon is good to replenish lost glycogen.

Thinking of what to have after your usual early morning run? Why not reach out for that crispy and delectable piece of fried chicken? Go ahead! There’s no reason to feel bad about it.

Healthier Fried Chicken

The fried chicken can be turned to a scrumptious but healthier dish. It then makes the fried chicken even more appealing to those who are conscious about the food they consume while enjoying it in the comforts of their nicely designed home.

Remove The Skin

What? No way! The skin is where the flavor is! Well, true. However, you can still have the same crispiness and flavor by leveling up the coating. Consider spicing it up with cayenne pepper or any other herbs and spices that you prefer. 

The coating, when deep-fried, becomes golden brown and crispy. Just make sure to research the best oil temperature. This way, you can achieve a crispy and mouth-watering exterior while the meat is tender, juicy, and evenly cooked. 

Bake, Not Fried

Hello, how can it be fried chicken when it’s baked? Makes a lot of sense. Call it baked chicken, then. At this point, it doesn’t matter if it is baked or fried. What’s important is that the chicken has crispy skin and juicy meat. This can be achieved through baking. 

The whole removing the skin and using well-seasoned coating remains the same. Only, this time the oven is used instead of the deep fryer. Make sure to check the right oven temperature to ensure that the chicken is cooked the right way.

Moderation Is Key

Okay, some people are not loving up on the baked chicken. There is no problem with that at all. The key to having everything in moderation. It is always true that anything in excess is dangerous. However, one feels the tendency to rebel when restricted. 

If you love fried chicken so much (like the millions all over the world), then don’t hold back. But make sure you are responsible for the number of pieces you consume. One or two pieces per week are not bad. That should satisfy your fried chicken cravings effectively.


Well, exercising is not an ingredient of a fried chicken like that of Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken in Sunshine, is it? True. But it makes you healthier. Exercising (regardless of the workout you choose to do) makes having a piece or two guilt-free. Calories must be burned and used up. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, anything you consume may put you at risk.

If the food you eat is not burned, you are at risk of developing heart-related illnesses. It’s also a sure-fire way to make you gain weight. With exercise, coupled with the three aforementioned ways, you are off to a great start. You can have happier days by not feeling guilty about feasting on two pieces of fried chicken. Surely, you can make it happen!

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