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6 great foods to try when going on holiday in London

Once you’ve sorted your flights, tickets, accommodations and other essentials as you plan a holiday in London, it’s time for the fun stuff: planning your itinerary. What better way could you plan your trip than by making it revolve around food?

So, if you are preparing to visit London, here are six great foods – from Great British classics to fusion foods – you could sample when you are there.  

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea has been a staple of British society since as early as the 1840s. Its primary function was to stop people getting hungry between lunch and tea, but it rapidly turned into a private social event ritual for those in upper society.

In modern Britain, it has remained successful as a mid-afternoon treat for special occasions, with the inclusion now of a good old-fashioned scone.

Fish and chips, 24/7

Often hailed as the national dish of Britain, this dish was even featured in Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel Oliver Twist. There is much debate about where fish and chips originated, though most accepted claims are that it was invented in London or Lancashire.

This is an absolute must for you to try whilst you are on holiday in London or elsewhere in Britain. There is even, located in the City of London district, a restaurant which serves fish and chips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This magical land is the VQ restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Dorsett Hotel, City.

Sunday Roast

It is traditional for the Brits to have a good old roast dinner on a Sunday. Though dining time and meat choice varies throughout the country, one thing for sure is that you must get a Yorkshire pudding and wash it down with a nice cold pint. Sunday roasts, or a twist on the classic, are served at most pubs, restaurants, and carveries in London.

Bangers and Mash 

The term ‘bangers’ is supposed to have originated during the meat shortages of World War I, which resulted in sausages being made with fillers like water, causing the sausages to explode whilst being cooked. Sausage – or bangers – and mash is a British pub classic, and a staple of the British cuisine.

Street food

Though we have mainly touched on classic British dishes so far, as one of the great ‘melting pot’ cities in the world, London is home to a wide variety of cuisines from around the globe. This can be seen in the huge selection of street food visible in and around the city.

London Fog Latte

Okay, so this might be cheating, but the London Fog Latte is an essential drink to taste on your holiday in London. This tantalising and Canadian-born drink is made from sweetened Earl Grey tea and topped with steamed milk and vanilla syrup. The steamed milk is supposed to represent the fog of the British capital.

Now that you know about these six succulent foods waiting for you to try them, you can look forward to indulging in especially delicious cuisine during your London stay.    

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