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5 Tips For Hosting a Mexican Themed Taco Night

Most people can agree that there is nothing like a good taco night.  It’s a fun way to enjoy great food with friends with a popular and delicious theme.  

The fun thing about tacos is that they can be as fancy or as low key as you want.  They make an excellent meal for watching a football game or accompanying drinks. However, you can also dress them up to be suitable for a sit-down dinner.  It all comes down to ingredients and preparation.

If you’re thinking about hosting a Mexican themed taco night soon, here are some of the best tips for you to ensure that it’s a success.

Plenty Of Garnishes

One of the fun things about tacos is that you can create them yourself.  By placing plenty of options for garnishes on the table, you’ll have a beautiful spread full of options for everyone.

When it comes to tacos, you want to dice your ingredients as small as possible.  Since tortillas are small, you want to make sure that you can fit in every flavor possible without it overflowing.

Make sure that you have a good knife and dice as finely and as small as possible with ingredients like onions and peppers.  Not only will it be easier to pack in the taco, but it’s a better balance of flavor than big pieces. 

Multiple Tortilla Options

Although traditional tacos in Mexico are only made with corn flour, many people prefer to eat white flour tortillas.  It’s nice to offer your guests both options as the host.

For extra flair, you can make your own.  They come out much thicker and tasty than industrial store bought tortillas which come wrapped in plastic.  You can also see if there is a Tortilleria locally which you can purchase from. If you’re serious about your tacos, you’ll never go back to industrial after you try the real thing. 


The music that you put on during your taco night will play a huge role in the overall ambiance.  If you don’t have traditional Mexican music on, then it isn’t a taco party.

Tacos are fun and celebratory, so your music should reflect that!  Have fun with your music selection and choose songs that make your guests feel happy and put them in the spirit. 


What is a party without drinks?  For those that enjoy alcohol, you should consider a margarita selection either frozen or on the rocks.  On the lighter side, for those that prefer non-alcoholic, you can make an agua de jamaica or horchata water. 


Making salsa is a fun way to add a little spice into your life.  There are all sorts of variations, so consider offering a few different ones.  You can have anything from sweet mango salsa to spicy verde.

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