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5 Advantages of an Outdoor Kitchen

Chances are you’ve heard about the outdoor kitchen craze sweeping across the country. What sounds like a passing home improvement fad is, in fact, a functional addition to almost any home.

As it stands, outdoor kitchens have several advantages over their traditional indoor counterparts. The following are five to consider:

Easier to clean

Despite your best efforts keeping your indoor kitchen clean, grit and grime will find their way into every crack and crevice. As a result, indoor kitchen cleaning is a neverending battle. Cleaning an outdoor kitchen is the complete opposite experience. From the outdoor kitchen cabinets to the countertops and flooring, everything can be rinsed down with a low-pressure garden hose before moving forward with spot cleaning. On a warm, sunny day, your outdoor kitchen will be dry and ready to use again in as little as 20 minutes.

Safer to use

It was once common for the upper classes to live in homes where the kitchen was a separate outbuilding. That was due mainly to the fire risk; if a fire breaks out in the kitchen, it won’t take the whole house down with it. The same principle applies to using an outdoor kitchen; the threat of fire, smoke, and gas leaks is significantly reduced compared to kitchens located indoors. With that said, it’s still critical to practice good kitchen safety. That includes having a fire extinguisher on standby.

Better for the home

Outdoor kitchens are better for the home in more ways than just improving safety. For one thing, they tend to use less energy than traditional indoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens also let you cook and bake without having to worry about lingering odors. Lastly, oils and other substances that escape into the air during the cooking process aren’t accumulating on surfaces in and around the kitchen.

Ideal for entertaining

An outdoor kitchen makes it easier to host outdoor gatherings like barbecues and birthday parties. Instead of shuffling back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the backyard, hosts can stay where the action is the whole time. Furthermore, guests can access refreshments and see the food getting prepared without feeling intrusive or nosey. If anything, an outdoor kitchen cuts down on the outside-inside foot traffic happening during a large outdoor gathering. 

Added home value

Building an outdoor kitchen means extending your home’s living space. Combined with the benefits mentioned above of an outdoor kitchen, adding one to your house is sure to increase your property’s value. While maintaining your outdoor kitchen and keeping it clean will be essential in protecting that value, you can relax knowing the addition is a safe investment.

While an outdoor kitchen might seem strange at first glance, there are many benefits to having one added to your home. Better safety, easier clean-up, more straightforward hosting, and more excellent value are only some of those advantages. 

Furthermore, when outdoor gatherings are becoming more popular than ever, an outdoor kitchen is a wise addition to your home. Just make sure your guests stay six feet apart at all times and have ways to keep them warm in chilly weather.

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