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4 Must Haves For Cooking A Gourmet Meal

Cooking a meal is one thing, and preparing a gourmet, lick your fingers good dish is another.  When you’re cooking just to feed yourself as opposed to making a meal which has heart and soul in it, it’s never quite the same.  

Cooking should be a passionate and exciting work of art which inspires you from beginning to end.  When you get in the kitchen with this mentality, there’s no telling what you can create. You can create meals which blow all of your senses out of the water and your stomach feeling happy and full.

Every great artist needs the right tools to create a masterpiece, however.  Michaelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel with a crayon. To create the best meal you’ve ever created and enjoy amazing food, make sure that you have the must-haves with you in the kitchen.

A Great Knife

A great recipe usually calls for various flavors and ingredients.  Having a knife that you know will do the job with precision is incredibly valuable for being able to get your ingredients diced, sliced, and in the pot.

If you use a mediocre to a poor knife, you’re not only affected the cut of your ingredients, but you’re also doubling your work.  A good knife will help you navigate quickly through your recipes. 


Putting on some music while cooking is a must.  When you feel inspired in your heart, it transmits to the plate.  There’s something about putting on music that moves your feet and evokes emotion which makes your food even more tasteful.

Some chefs are famous for not being able to cook without blaring music in the kitchen.  Give it a try! You never know, you may find that you create your best meal yet just with a little bit of music. 

An Herb Garden

It’s essential to add multiple layers of flavors to your food.  Even though dried spices can do the trick, there’s nothing like having raw, fresh herbs pulled straight from the dirt.  The flavors are full and exciting and make your mouth dazzle with delight.

The nice thing about herbs is that you don’t have to have an outdoor garden to grow them.  You can grow them indoors or on your windowsill so that you’ll always have them just an arm’s length away. 

Counter Space

A great cook in the kitchen is like a mad scientist in a laboratory.  They need space to be able to make their creations and plenty of countertops.  

When you have the room to spread out, you feel more inspired to reach out for more things.  The maximum amount of counter space encourages more creativity and the freedom of spontaneity.

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