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4 Common Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Diet

Most people think of dieting as an experience which is less than a fun.  The build-up to finally being ready to make the commitment to put restrictions on your eating habits can be grueling.  All sorts of doubts go through your mind, and you may not be sure if you’re up for the challenge. 

When you finally get started, you may not the results you’d like to see as much as you would like.  As a result, people usually quit early on failing to follow through and reach their diet goals. 

The problem isn’t often with lack of motivation, but lack of results.  The reason you do not see results may be something you hadn’t even considered yet.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make which sabotage their diets. 

Not Eating Enough Protein

So, why should you care about getting enough protein?  There are a variety of answers. However, one of the most important in regards to your diet is, you’ll get hungrier faster. Without getting enough protein, you’re lacking an essential macronutrient.

While fat and carbohydrates are also essential macronutrients, protein also plays a crucial role.  You need large amounts of it to stay healthy since your body doesn’t store it in the same way that it does with fat and carbs.  Since it has no reserve source to draw from, it’s helpful to take supplements to ensure that you’re getting enough. 

Obsessing Over The Scale

One of the biggest dieting mistakes you can make is attaching a number to your success.  People obsess over the number on the scale, obsessing over losing pounds. In some cases, people rely more on what the number on the scale says than what they see in the mirror.

However, the number on the scale can be completely misleading. The bottom line is that muscle weighs more than fat because it’s denser.  Therefore, you may be losing fat and gaining muscle which doesn’t change the scale much. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

A lot of people don’t realize the crucial role that sleep plays in weight loss.  When you sleep, your body produces the hormone leptin.  This hormone tells your body when it feels full. 

Therefore, you may feel hungrier when you’re low on sleep and overeat. So get enough sleep not just to curb your appetite, but also to give yourself enough energy to move more which will also boost your weight loss efforts. 

Assuming Salads Are a Healthier Alternative

A lot of people assume that choosing a salad for their meal means a healthier alternative.  Assuming it’s made of lean protein, rich leafy greens, no croutons, and no dressing, you’re probably right!  However, be honest with yourself. How much dressing do you need to make it taste good? Is the meat fried? Are you allowing yourself to eat bread with it? 

All of these factors make a difference in the total calories consumed after eating a salad.

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