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10 tips for tastier meals

More of us have resorted to home cooking than ever before over the past year and creating delicious dishes every time is no easy feat. For those that are just starting out on their culinary journey, the task of creating flavoursome dishes seems daunting. But worry not! Below are some simple yet effective ways to ensure that you cook tasty food, every time. 

Use good quality ingredients

Every tasty meal starts with good quality ingredients – adding fresh, organic produce is the first major stepping stone to a delicious dish. When shopping for your ingredients, try and stick to non-frozen products and look out for where your produce was grown. Buying British farmed meat also ensures ultimate freshness. To take the hassle out of searching for your own produce, get fresh meat boxes delivered to your door.

Add more spices 

An extensive spice collection is essential for any budding home cook – It is the best way to add complex flavour profiles to your meals and lays the groundwork for a tasty dish. Spice isn’t just for curries and should be added to most dishes. For the ultimate flavour, powder your spices at home using a pestle and mortar. 

Season with sugar 

Most cooks know to add seasoning with salt and pepper, but sugar is often left on the side-lines. Adding sugar to your food instantly adds another layer of deliciousness, as it interacts with other seasonings to enhance or lessen their flavour profile. Make sure to eat sugar in moderation to maintain healthy eating habits. 

Fresh herbs 

There is a massive difference in flavour between fresh and dried herbs. The fresher herbs have a more intense flavour and can instantly transform any meal. Use as a garnish to add another layer of taste. 

Let the meat rest 

Imagine cooking your meat perfectly, only to ruin it by not letting it rest. After cooking, cover your meat in tin foil and leave to rest for up to 30 minutes to ensure tenderness. The key to perfect tasting meat isn’t just leaving it to rest – quality is also key. There is now the option to get fresh meat boxes delivered to your home, that only sell the highest quality produce. 

Homemade stock 

Making your own stock may seem difficult, but the process is relatively easy – it just requires a few leftovers! If making a meat-based stock, boil the carcass of the animal with some root vegetables for great flavour. Adding your own stock helps to create a richer flavour, and instantly lifts the taste of any meal. 

Limit preservatives 

Preservatives are in far more food than you would think. Frozen vegetables processed foods and packaged sauces all contain a serious amount of preservatives, which can be significantly damaging for the body if eaten in excess – not to mention the fact that they taste horrible. To create tasty meals every time, try and cut out any premade or frozen foods. 

Use seasonal produce 

Fresh, fresh, fresh. It is the key to good flavour, and using seasonal produce guarantees better taste. It is also good for the bank balance, since seasonal foods are usually cheaper and in a larger supply. Try experimenting with seasonal herbs and vegetables for a healthy and fresh-tasting meal.

Flavoured salts

Everyone knows that salt enhances the taste of our food, but what about flavoured salts? The combination of salt and spices is a quick and easy way to add intense taste to any meal. Rubbing flavoured salt on meat before pan frying locks in great taste and helps to enhance flavour. 

Invest in decent kitchenware 

It may sound strange but hear us out – purchasing high quality kitchenware such as pots, pans and utensils makes the process of cooking flavourful meals so much easier. Non-stick pans can prevent your food from burning, and nifty gadgets such as meat thermometers and rice cookers can take the stress out of producing perfectly cooked meals. 

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