10 Southern Cuisine Menu Items to Have Catered at Your Wedding

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Southern belles, you are going to love these top southern cuisine menu items to have catered at your wedding. It’s time to let your southern hospitality kick in with these finger-licking foods. Make sure your catering menu has these top items for your wedding reception.

1. Chicken and Waffles

Have your caterer set up a station so that your guests can make their fried chicken and waffles to their preferred taste. Have the station set up with butter, syrup, jam, powdered sugar, hot pepper jelly, and honey.

2. Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and grits is a traditional southern dish that originated in the Carolinas and Georgia. Give your guest spice level options by offering Creole style and original. Pair with biscuits so your guests have something to sop up the creamy sauce.

3. Crawfish Boil

Make the catering simple and just have an old-fashioned crawfish boil. Also, consider an alternative for those that do not care for this type of southern cuisine. You can consider serving shrimp along with the crawfish.

Take care of making it convenient for your guests. “You will need a place for your guests to crack open their crawfish and clean up their hands”—recommends the head chef of Tex-Orleans style crawfish at BB’s Tex-Orleans.

4. Pit Cooked BBQ and Slaw

Whether you prefer Carolina BBQ or Tennessee BBQ, no southern style wedding is complete without it. Make sure you have plenty of slaw and hot sauce to slather over top of your BBQ. You can have the caterers put the BBQ on buns or set them out for your guests to grab.

5. Mac ‘n Cheese

If you are serving a sit down dinner, mac ‘n cheese is in order. It goes great with fried chicken, biscuits, and green beans. For a finger food wedding reception, you could serve mac ‘n cheese cups. These cups are made by baking mac ‘n cheese in muffin liners.

6. Fried Okra and Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried okra and fried green tomatoes are perfect hors d’oeuvre and can be served in small cups. It is imperative to have your catering company set out ketchup for your guests to dip their okra or tomatoes in order for your guests to fully enjoy this dish.

7. Banana Pudding

Paula Deen’s recipe for Not Yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding is perfect for weddings. You can spoon out the pudding into cups and place one Chessman cookie on top.

8. Sweet Tea and Lemonade

Two staple drinks in the South are sweet tea and lemonade. Set up drink stations where your guests can get their own. Set out extra sugar for those that like Carolina sweet tea.

9. Ham Biscuits

Your guests will love salt-cured ham biscuits. These handheld foods make it easy to walk around and mingle while you eat. Put out bottles of mustard for those that like it on their ham.

10. Deviled Eggs

Another great finger food is deviled eggs. Make a variety of eggs to please your guests. The head chef at Terrace cafe, a popular restaurant in Houston, TX, recommends: “Have some with pickles and other with crab meat. Top some with paprika, add chopped jalapeño and leave some plain. Giving your guests a choice will help them feel at home”.

These are the top southern dishes you need to serve at your wedding reception. Your guests are going to love these comfort foods.


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