5 Best Legal Ways to Win Free Food Online


If you have a habit of ordering food from restaurants and local eateries and are trying to save up, then we can help you out with that. Instead of a discount, deal or promo code, we can help you earn a good bite to eat without having to spend a single done from your pocket. It’s totally legit and foolproof.

The opportunities for a cost-free meal are aplenty, so take your pick from any of the following:

1.  Work at Restaurants That Reward You with Free Food

Most restaurants will be happy to award their staff with free food for contributing your services at their place.

In fact, you can earn free food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or even take it home with you.

So take your time to research the restaurants around your area with job vacancies, especially the ones that reward you with free food for your services. You’ll also find that big-branded companies reward people with free food as well.

2.  Download Restaurant Apps

Another way to get cheap or free food at restaurants is to sign up at their websites or simply download their app. What’s more, you can get double the savings by downloading their app on a family member’s phone and make two different purchases. Here are some great apps that offer such facilities:

  • Burger King (Apple and Android)
  • McDonald’s (Apple and Android)
  • Taco Bell (Apple and Android)
  • Sonic (Apple or Android)

2.  Have Your Boss Buy You Lunch

If you get on your boss’s good side, they can treat you to a free meal, especially when you have no money to spare at the moment.

Though during these times, your boss may want to talk about business purposes, which is why they’re buying you a meal at a restaurant. But that’s not to say that this invitation doesn’t come with several benefits along the way, especially when you’re not paying for your own meal.

3.  Join Survey Sites That Reward You With Gift Cards

Survey sites reward you with gift cards, which you can use to buy food with. Some of them include Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, Toluna, OpinionSquare and SurveyH where you have a chance to win a delectable Whataburger.

Each one of these sites helps you earn points that you can then use to exchange for cash or gift cards. If you get the latter, you can use them to acquire free food from places like Starbucks, Olive Garden and Domino’s.

Besides getting gift cards, you can get anywhere between $5-50 a day just filling out surveys, which you can then use to buy any food you want.

4.  Use Restaurant Loyalty Programs for Freebies

By using a participating store’s restaurant and fast food reward program, you can acquire bonus points that will enable you to buy cheaper food or get it for free. Here are the companies that offer these services:

  • Papa Murphy’s: Just feed in your phone number and get a free pizza after every 10th visit.
  • Carl’s Jr.: Whenever you’re in WiFi range, Super Star Rewards allows you to check in twice daily, up to 200 points, which gives you $1 off a Super Star with Cheese.
  • Red Robin: After buying 9 cheeseburgers, the 10th one will be free.
  • Dairy Queen: 5 visits reward you with 5 points, which is good for an original cheeseburger, any size ice-cream cone or a small sundae.

5.  Become a Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper means you get to represent a company and eat at select few restaurants to earn a free meal. And even if you end up paying for the meal, you will be reimbursed by the company.

This is how it works:

You get paid by some companies to shop at select shops and restaurants. You will be handed an assignment for which you are supposed to pretend you’re a real customer and report back on the experience you had before, during and after a meal.

The mystery shopping companies then use that data that you provided for them to improve their products and services.

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