Your Olive Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Is Fake!

 Healthy fats are a very important part of a real food lifestyle and I always try to get quality fats such as olive oil, butter, coconut oil and even animal fats like lard.  According to a recent study up to 69% of olive oils are fraudulently labeled. Repeated studies have shown that olive oil offers numerous health benefits, including protection from heart disease. Olive oil is an excellent source of antioxidants, when properly extracted and stored.

“Extra virgin olive oil is produced by crushing olives between stone or steel rollers. This process is a gentle one that preserves the integrity of the fatty acids and the numerous natural preservatives in olive oil. If olive oil is packaged in opaque containers, it will retain its freshness and precious store of antioxidants for many years”- source

One big problem with many of the oils available today is that they are improperly processed and sometimes even diluted with other types of rancid, unhealthy oils. 

How To Tell if Your Olive Oil is Fake

After hearing about  Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil

  and the scandal of olive oils from overseas being mixed with unhealthy, inferior polyunsaturated oils I was curious whether the organic, cold-pressed olive oil I’ve been paying a premium for is the real thing. Here are 2 ways to tell if your olive oil is extra-virgin.

  • Authentic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) will become cloudy, thicken or even solidify when refrigerated.  Once the oil is returned to room temperature it will regain its liquid state.
  • If you have genuine EVOO it can be used to keep the wick in an oil lamp burning. If your oil doesn’t do this, it’s a fake.

How to Find Authentic High-Quality Olive Oil

When you’re looking for olive oil you want to find oil that is expeller-pressed or cold-pressed, extra-virgin and preferably unfiltered. Look for a cloudy oil (signs of being unfiltered) that is a golden yellow color. The best source for olive oil would be from a farmer you know who produces a high quality oil, but you can also consult the Weston A. Price Shopping Guide for trusted sources such as Wilderness Family Naturals and Mountain Rose Herbs.  

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