Yogurt Covered Strawberries


Ah, the glory of Pinterest. How did people cook, clean or find anything before the internet? I find so much of my food inspiration from different websites and this yogurt covered strawberry recipe was no exception. I am SO excited that strawberries are now in season and can be found in abundance at the local farmer’s market and I was double excited to find that there is a strawberry picking patch just minutes from my house! We have our own little mini strawberry patch out front with 6 little plants that have been blooming like crazy.

They are producing adorable little miniature berries for my little guy to harvest. The berries have only grown to be slightly larger than a nickel, but it so fun for my little guy to go out on a berry hunt in his own yard!

There’s nothing quite as good as freshly picked organic strawberries!


This “recipe” is simply strawberries that have the tops cut off, dipped in yogurt and then frozen. I dipped mine twice to get a nice layer of yogurt on the outside. Plain yogurt was tasty, but I think that next time I’d add a just a bit of vanilla to it to give a that little something extra.  Be sure to use full fat yogurt. (Read about why full fat is best and healthier for you.)

Can I actually even call these a recipe? I suppose it is really more of a method, a delicious method.  Keep these frozen until you’re ready to serve and let them set out to soften just a few minutes before serving. Love strawberries? Check out the berry banana smoothie :)


Yogurt Covered Strawberries

Yogurt Covered Strawberries


  • strawberries
  • yogurt
  • vanilla to taste


  1. Cut tops off of berries. Dip the berries into yogurt and place on cookie tray in the freezer until firm. Repeat process until the berries have your desired amount of yogurt shell. I dipped mine twice.
  2. Store in the freezer.
  3. These are best served after sitting out for a few minutes.
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14 comments to Yogurt Covered Strawberries

  • I saw this on Pinterest too! I’m going to try blueberries and raspberries since we have strawberry allergies at our house.

  • I have this one pinned too. :o) Our farmers market isn’t open yet, but once it does, there isn’t anything quite like a fresh Oregon strawberry. I’ll have to make sure I remember to try these.
    We have a couple plants in our yard too. Just enough for the kids to pop a few in their mouths. :o)

  • I’ve seen this recipe on pinterest and I’ve been wanting to try it. I’m waiting for strawberries to come into season. =)

    Stopping by from Better Mom Monday!

  • I’m so jealous that you grow your own strawberries! Bet they are delicious! This does look like a very tasty way to eat them. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Stopping by from We are That Family. These are beautiful pictures. Our strawberries have just started blooming. I can’t wait to try these. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet! It sounds so delish! There were supposed to be strawberries in our produce box this week, but they weren’t all ripe yet :( Hopefully next week!

  • Jen

    I miss strawberries! I try no to eat them because they are on the dirty dozen list. On occasion I will purchase frozen organic but it’s just not the same. Tried growing them but they never came up. I have a plan though, hopefully by next year I can plant some again. :) Great tips. I am saving this recipe for next year. Yum!

    • Have you ever tried getting them from a local farmer who doesn’t spray? THat’s where I get mine. They’re a little more pricey, but so yummy!

      • Jen

        I’ve looked around in my area. The only fruit farmer that doesn’t spray only sells blueberries. I can’t complain though. We have so many other good resources for food. I will just try to grow them myself next year. Sometimes I can pick up some organic strawberries at the store in season. :)

  • Kaitlyn

    I’ve been looking for a recipe for this…. Alot more simple then I was expecting. I was wondering though, when removed from the freezer does it take long before the yogurt returns to its normal drippy state? I just tried some freeze-dried strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt, the yogurt was hard like dipped chocolate. And did not have to be frozen. Anyway I’ll be trying this, just curious about the time factor after removed from the cold! Thanks!!

  • Marcia

    I tried this but the yoghurt crystalised a bit and so the outside surface wasn’t smooth. Might be my freezer?

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