Bacon and Vegetable Frittata

Have you ever heard of the secret recipe club? It’s a group of bloggers who are secretly assigned a recipe to cook from another blog, and then once a month, on a set day and time, there is a reveal and you get to check out who made a recipe from your blog, and which recipe they chose. Plus, there are tons of other yummy recipes to peruse.

Time surely does fly because I’ve already been in the SRC for 8 months and made:

I guess you can kinda tell that I love breakfast, huh? We eat a lot of breakfast here and anytime goes, not just the morning.

This month my secret assignment was for A Fit and Spicy Life

I think Mellissa and I would get along great from reading her blog. She focuses on eating a healthy, whole foods diet most of the time and also enjoys an occasional treat. And, she shares her fitness and traveling adventures!

I love to eat and love to browse recipes- as evidenced by my overflowing bookmarks folder and huge pile of printed recipes to try. So, Mellissa’s blog was right up my alley. There were so many yummy things to pick from. Doesn’t this tortellini and chicken sausage soup look delicious?

This melon salad also caught my eye and served as a happy reminder of the warmer weather on its way. Hungry yet? :)
But, in the end it was breakfast that won me over again. Just tell me that Bacon and Vegetable Frittata  doesn’t sound delicious, and I’d have to say you’re lying. :)

Frittatas are the perfect food. They are so easy to make and you can use up pretty much any vegetables or meat that you’ve got on hand and chances are that it will be delicious! This bacon and vegetable frittata recipe was no exception.

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What are your favorite ingredients to combine for a frittata?


3 Eggs


2 tablespoons coconut milk, heavy cream or regular milk


2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled


1/4 cup chopped broccoli


1-2 green onions, finely diced


1/4 cup cheese


1 small tomato, diced


1/4 teaspoon dried dill


real salt and pepper to taste


butter or coconut oil for cooking


Preheat your broiler. Meanwhile, cook the broccoli and green onion in butter or coconut oil over medium for about 3-5 minutes.  Add tomatoes and continue to cook a few more minutes.


Combine the egg, milk, cheese, dill, salt and pepper and mix until combined. Add the bacon and the egg mixture to the skillet and cook until the edges start to look set.


Gently lift the edges up with a spoon to allow the runny egg to go down underneath and cook. Cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the egg is just runny in the center.


Place the skillet on a rack about 6  inches below your broiler and broil for 3-5 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center of your frittata comes out clean.



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